Thursday, April 11, 2019

Zona Day 6 and 7

Posted by: Kara Trevino

Today was our last day in Arizona, so we took a drive to visit the Grand Canyon! The view was incredible and if I do say so myself....very grand! Then, the next day, we packed all our stuff up and said goodbye to the Zona and the unforgettable time we all had together.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Final two days

Posted by: Bianca Saravia, Max Herbst, and Bill Hood
Today I'm writing the blog in front of a window that shows me the beautiful Smokey Mountains as the sun sets behind me. Yesterday we had breakfast and then went out to Holston Home for Children were some of us helped put up a ropes course, dig a seven foot hole, house cleaning for the horses (scooping horse poop), gardening, trimming bushes, and  picking up some sticks.

We ate lunch in some beautiful weather and then headed back to work. After our work there we headed to Margarette Falls and hiked to the waterfall. The hike was so beautiful and the waterfall was even more beautiful. It really makes someone admire how wonderful God is.

After we hiked back down we rushed back To Long View Ranch for Mr. Hood's favorite dinner, barbecue chicken, baked beans, coleslaw, and corn pudding. The food was amazing! Then for the rest of the night some people played in the game room, some relaxed and cleaned up, and some played man hunt. Today we started the day off with very yummy cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then worked around Long View Ranch. We split into to different groups and our jobs were to: cut logs, clean the dinning hall and kitchen, put up markers around the camp ,and burned wood, as well as painted the fence. We finished our work at noon and ate the delicious lunch, then we relaxed for a few hours. Some people went to the pond while others relaxed and cleaned up. Louise, Zach Ayotte and Liam did the Mud Run for a promotion video for Long View Ranch. Then we ate our last dinner broke into our group discussion and closed with an impactful prayer concluding with deep sharing around the bonfire. This is the Sophomores signing off for the final time....Thanking God for an amazing trip!!

The Children of Florence Fuller day school

Let me set the scene for you. The room is plain and drab, but bursting with happiness. The little children run around with squeals of delight poking their little hands into everything they can reach. There are about 17 children in the room, give or take, and on a normal day a single, under payed, over worked teacher has to deal with all of them. Trust me, they can be demanding. As cute as they are they have all of the traits of rambunctious 5 year-olds.  He touched me. She stole my toy. And as one child exclaimed the other day with tears in his eyes, "She won't stop looking at me!". 

The school has the children on a highly regimented, militaristic style schedule. They do this at this time no exceptions. It's understandable, these children need reliability, something they probably don't get much of at home. Florence Fuller is an institution run on government subsidy and donations. It provides early education to the underprivileged children in Boca. These teachers do everything for these kids. They brush their teeth, feed them meals, and try their best to teach them. 

The first few days at the school I was overwhelmed, unsure, and honestly a bit afraid. These children were needy in a whole new way. I was called upon to settle disputes (he stole my barbie! I had her first!), asked to read to them (I want to pick my own book!), and had to fend off children who wanted to be held/sit on my lap/given piggy back rides (we are not supposed to hold the kids). 

But what I realized is that as needy these children are the only thing they really crave is love and attention. Things that they probably don't get much of at home. They hold our hands, call our names, and wave at us when we leave. They have blessed me and I will miss them when this is all over.


Zona Day 5

Posted by: Kara Trevino

Today was our last day at the Dream Center, but before we left, the girls held a Women’s Bible Study for the people at the Dream Center. There, we gave them “salvation bracelets” that we made for each of the women that attended, while also praying for them. Afterward, we packed up our stuff, said goodbye to the Dream Center, and headed for Sedona. Once we got to Sedona, we hiked up Cathderal Rock. Then, we went to a place called Wildflower for some yummy lunch. Next, we went to our hotel in Flagstaff and ended the night with devotions, where we all shared what impacted us most this past week and also what we liked the best about this week.

(Day 5 - The girls are ready to hike!) 

(Day 5 - Cathedral Rock) 

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Day two at the H.E.A.R.T

Posted by:Victoria Crino
Day two at the H.E.A.R.T. down. What. A. Day. This morning we started with chores like cleaning the latrines, sinks, and sweeping. After finishing that ,we had breakfast and went to our first labs of the day. Some people went with the animals, and others tended to the garden. In the animal group there were people brave enough to even ride a water buffalo!! We came back to the kitchen and cooked lunch. After lunch we cleaned the "prayer trail" of plants and debris. Before dinner we were taught a game by the staff called, "SCHISM". It's a mixture of Volleyball and Dogdeball. The girls team crushed the boys team(after finally getting the hang of it). Covered in dirt and sand from diving for the balls we then enjoyed the cold showers. We wrapped up our evening with a Bible study and a worship song. Pleased with the adventures of the day, and super excited for tomorrow!!

Day one at H.E.A.R.T.

Posted by:Victoria Crino
Apologies for the late post, but due to spotty internet our updates have been delayed.
Day one at H.E.A.R.T.  was full of surprises and adventures! Our day started with separting into groups to go and work in the gardens. We later gathered together to prepare a meal for everyone. After dinner we had some free-time to do whatever we wanted. During that time Mr. Rhodes taught some of us a card game(which he won). Before bed we read through Philipians and spent some time in discussion. After we were done we closed in a time of worship.
Day one was scary at times, a bit uncomfortable, but more than anything incredibly refreshing. Can't wait for day two!!

Zona Day 4

Posted by: Gino Bellantoni

Day 4 of our Arizona trip began with the most important event on Sundays, Church. It was a great service, with our praise and worship team leading the disciplies in worship, and an amazing message from the pastor. After fueling up at lunch, we went to Chicken Park, where we fed the homeless, played soccer with the kids, and sang songs to the people. We then went on an incredible hike at Dreamy Draw and ate at a Mexican restaurant. We finished off the day with devotions, where we shared our hearts and grew closer together, as well as closer to God.
(Day 4 - Dreamy Draw)

(Day 4 - Ready for the hike at Dreamy Draw!) 

Monday, April 08, 2019

Farming in Tennessee

Posted by: Bianca Saravia, Christa Clark, Bill Hood

  Some of the class got up early and saw some of the sunrise over the foggy valley. Then we had breakfast at 7:30, which was delicious. Then we headed out to Rural Resources - Farm and Food Education Center, where we were each assigned to different jobs. They give away fresh vegetables to people and teach people how to farm.
 Most jobs we did were farm related and we had to be flexible because it began to rain. Before it rained we ate our packed lunches and then went back to work for a couple more hours.

 When we got back to Long View we found out that we could not go on a hike to a waterfall do to so much rain,which made the ground slippery. We had a few hours to relax and clean up from all the hard work we did. We ate dinner a little earlier than usual at 5:45. The food was very good. After dinner we practiced memorizing our verses from Ephesians in groups of three. Then we went into our circle and then read our verses. Afterward we went into an amazing praise and worship session and group discussion over Ephesian chapter four. Then we had a few ours to relax before lights out at 10:30 pm.  We can't believe it is already Monday and only have two days left! This is the Sophomores signing off...

Zona Day 3

Posted by: Kara Trevino

Today started with some empowering cross-walking/marching around the Dream Center along with some of the fellow disciples. Then, we went to the chapel for “soul-winning”, where Pastor Walt preached to us about how to start talking to people about Christianity and how we can get people to follow Christ. Next, our praise and worship team went to the Gila River Indian Reservation, where they played with kids and sang songs to them. Whereas, the rest of us went to street corner evangelize at the local 7-11. This was a time for some of us to share our testimonies, give food/water to people who passed by, and hold up signs. Afterward, the boys went to Michigan Trailer Park, where they gave food to people and gave testimonies. Then, we went to Ocatillo Park, where we played with children and prayed for the people around the block. Lastly, we ended the night with street corner evangelizing at night on the south side of town, where we each gave testimonies and spread the good news of God.
Here are some pictures from today and the last few days:

   (Day 1 - Just got off the plane!) 

(Day 1 - Papago Park) 

(Day 2 - St. Mary’s Food Bank) 

(Day 2- Yapa Park) 

(Day 2 - Yapa Park)

(Day 3 - Cross-walking with the disciples) 

(Day 3 - Corner evangelizing at 7/11) 

(Day 3 - Ocatillo Park) 

(Day 3 - Night time corner evangelizing) 

Sunday, April 07, 2019

Church and Paintball

Posted by:Bianca, Christa and Mr. Hood
This morning started out with a little gray rainy weather but still a beautiful view of the Smoky Mountains from the front porch of the Long View Ranch dining hall. Breakfast was yummy homemade Chick-fil-A type sandwiches and hash browns. We dove into Ephesians Ch. 3 for devos and after that six of our classmates and Mrs. Distefano left to be part of the Praise and Worship Team at Disciples Point - the church we attended today. The rest of the class had a little more free time before boarding the bus for church. Disciples Point meets in an old car dealership showroom and is a wonderful group of believers who have been partnering with our Sophomore trip for the past 11 years. Pastor Josh shared a powerful message encouraging us to know that God looks at each of us as a holy and blameless child of God. Our classmates did a fantastic job helping to lead the church in praise and worship during the service today:

After eating a delicious lunch at Disciple's Point we went to Walmart to pick up a few things for the week. After Walmart we hurried back to Long View to play an exciting and competitive game of paint ball - which Mr. Hood said he believes was one of the longest sessions on a Sophomore trip and had one of the largest groups of competitive girls playing!

Then we had an hour break were people relaxed and cleaned up for dinner. For dinner we had delicious baked Ziti, Garlic bread, and Caesar salad. Along with dinner we celebrated Isabella Andreazza's birthday. Then we had another hour long break before we went into a beautiful praise and worship and then group discussion about Ephesians Chapter 3. We finished off the day with some free time and due to the rainy weather we played a variety of games indoors until 11:00 pm. Looking forward to another great day tomorrow! This the Sophomores signing off...

Saturday, April 06, 2019

Costa Rica day 3

Posted by: Evelyn Mello
Today after our first VBS site we went to a waterfall nearby. There was a water slide that everyone went on and we had a fun time seeing people's faces on the water slide. Down a ramp we went to the waterfall and it was beautiful. At first the water was blue, but by the time we left the water was all brown from the sand we kicked around. The water was freezing but it was worth it. I would say today was very successful and playing with the kids was a great experience once again.

Sophomores Logging in Tennessee

Posted by: Bianca Saravia, Bill Hood, and Christa Clark
 Today started off with breakfast at 7:00 am, the food was delicious.

Afterwards we went into our devotion books separately to look at Ephesians Ch. 2 and took our own notes. From there we got onto the bus and headed out to the wood ministry. We worked for many hours, loading the wood onto the huge old army truck, a pickup truck and a trailer..

Then we went to eat at the First Presbyterian Church of Greeneville where they had a home cooked lunch for us. After we ate we worked for a few more hours.

Our time spent at the woods ministry contained many laughs and thanks to God, no injuries.

We rode back to camp exhausted from the work and ready for some well deserved free time. During those hours we cleaned up, went to the game room, prepared for praise and worship, and became more familiar with the camp. Dinner was fabulous with some long view ranch classics which were roast beef, mash potatoes and gravy, biscuits and homemade strawberry jam,cheesy broccoli casserole and some warm apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. After dinner we were each given verses to memorize from Ephesians and then read them in order in a circle. Then we went into a lovely praise and worship were the team sang Glorious Day and Sinking Deep. During praise and worship our class felt Spirit led and enthusiastically participated. After that we went into class discussion about Ephesians 1-2 and many students shared there insight from those chapters.. The class was then divided into two teams in a closely contested battles of man-hunt ended in a very close game, which lasted over two hours and provided fantastic fun for many. Shout out to Mrs. Gannett from the sophomores in American Literature. Signing off for tonight!

Zona Day 2

Posted by: Gino Bellantoni

Day 2 of our Phoenix trip began at 5:30 am with a homeless outreach called “Ambush”. We brought granola bars and water bottles to the homeless and prayed with them. We then went to St. Mary’s Food Bank, where we helped box food for families in need. After that, we met with Pastor Walt, who imparted his wisdom upon us and gave us an inspiring message. We then went to Yapa Park, where we played basketball, sang, and read Bible stories with the local kids. We finished off the day by going to Mill Ave, where we shared the gospel and prayed with the people there.
Posted by: Many
Day 2
Our first full day of VBS! Mrs. Garlobo's group visited two sites. They were surprised that some of the kids they encounter knew English. Matheus Baldini and Andrew Manning bought a chicken from a passing truck selling chickens out of crates. They gave the chicken to a local family.

Mr Smith's group met a boy, Reuben, that was from Nicara-gua. He shared how he had to flee Nicaragua because of poor leadership and war. Andrea enjoyed getting to know his story. He wanted to take the English words so he could learn them.

Looking forward to tomorrow and visiting all eight sites again!!
Good Night from Costa Rica!

Friday, April 05, 2019

Zona Day 1

Posted by: Kara Trevino

We arrived safely in Phoenix at around 9:30am and went straight to a restaurant called The Chuck Box for some delicious burgers! Then, we all went to Papago Park and did a few adventurous hikes. Afterward, we arrived at the Dream Center, had a tour, and heard some of the testimonies of the Dream Center’s residents. Then, the time arrived for us to go on a scavenger hunt, where we prayed with strangers and even had dance battles with them. Lastly, we ended the night with some amazing worship in the chapel at the Dream Center, where it was really cool to see everyone so willing to praise God and learn more about Him.

Thursday, April 04, 2019

We arrived safe!!!!!!

Posted by: Mrs. Lake

Greetings from Costa Rica!
After loading all the luggage on top of the buses, we headed to Pura Vida Mission, arriving safely!
We were served lunch right away, learned about the mission facility and headed out to the neighborhoods to let the children know we will be coming tomorrow.

Mark delBosque sends a shout out to his mom!
Hi Sarah!!!!!