Tuesday, March 30, 2004

After taking part in Saturday's outreach, we returned to the Church on the Street for Sunday services. Some of our girls helped with the children, and the rest of the group attended the service. There was another Church on the Street outreach Sunday afternoon. Every outreach had some people who prayed to receive Christ, and lots of compelling testimonies. It was a reality check for our students to hear from these street people. Later in the evening, we climbed up the rocks at Papago Park in Phoenix to watch the sunset.

On Monday morning our girls conducted a women's outreach program for Church on the Street. Gayle presented the gospel and two women stood up to receive Christ. Then we headed up to the Grand Canyon, drove through the Painted Desert, and ended up at our hotel in Paige by evening.

Today we worked all day painting the house of a single mom in the area of Paige. Now we're getting ready to go up to Lake Powell for a campfire.

We've had a great time. Our guide, Steven Falls Down (Crow Indian) is excellent and well liked by the students.

We're not sure if we'll be doing work or recreation on Wednesday, but we'll make our way back down to Phoenix by evening, and fly home on Thursday. This will be the last update until we get home. -- Mrs. Barnhill