Monday, March 29, 2004

Now I know why Beth calls La Carpio blessed! We had an awesome day where our kids worked so hard, digging, pouring cement, organizing pantry shelves, etc. All of the goods that it took several suitcases for us to bring had to be organized and bagged as well. It took several of us about four hours to just do that! That is how much stuff we brought with us, thanks to Mrs. Hudson, Mrs. Bonorandi and all of our students who gathered loads of goodies in just a couple of days to bring over. The precious church ladies fixed us a very special lunch and went out of their way to make sure the table was beautifully set. Then the kids came...about 100 of them. We did everything with them from skits, to praise and worship, to games, including Easter egg hunting and musical chairs, just to name a couple. Mrs. Hudson gave the Resurrection story with the carton of eggs. As the children left, we handed out hundreds of care bags full of items. We handed out clothes to moms and children as well. I cannot begin to describe La Carpio's conditions, as my words will be insufficient. The constant smell of the garbage assaults one all day long. Everyone lives in shacks with barely a front door, let alone furniture, etc. There are approximately 100,000 destitute people living in a one square mile city that is full of these shacks. What impressed me the most today is that these people have joy! You would have been proud of our students! I don't even want to know what they were digging out of some of those ditches, but they never complained! Even the Pastor and his wife, who are Costa Rican, live in a shack behind the church in La Carpio. Mrs. Bonorandi went inside their "home" and could not believe the conditions! These are precious servants, because they are choosing to live like this in order to minister to the refugees!

Tomorrow, we go to the Volcano Lodge where the kids will get to hike and go to the Hot Springs as well as the Volcano Arenal, which is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. I don't know if I will get to email you tomorrow night, as Beth told me the computer there is not very good. I will try though! If not, I will email you on Wednesday night!

Please pray for one student who is not feeling well. Mrs. Hudson has been a good mom to him though, and is making sure he is getting the care he needs. A lot of our kids are suffering from cold or allergy symptoms, but are trying to not complain! -- Love you all, Mrs. Lynch