Sunday, March 28, 2004

Today was AWESOME - the best day yet. It was so cool to go to an all-black Bahamian church. After the main service we ran Sunday School for the children. Due to a miscommunication, so we had to lead the children for 90 minutes instead of the 20 minutes we had prepared for. The first 20 minutes were fabulous, though. In the afternoon we returned to the orphanage and did the 20-minute program there. Then we hung out with the kids.

In the evening we went to the Adventure Learning Centre planetarium for a creation presentation. Afterwards we had a campfire. Mr. Smith gave everyone a styrofoam cup and asked us to use it to represent our life, and share about it. Some cups were scratched, some crumpled, some filled with dirt, etc. It was an AMAZING time of honest sharing.

Tomorrow we'll go to the beach and travel home! -- Faith