Sunday, March 28, 2004

Update from a parent: Just finished talking with Joy Rhodes. She sends this information:
Today was a great time at the Retirement Assisted Living Home. The interaction between the students and the elderly residents was amazing. They were happy we came. Then we headed off to the neonatal ward at the hospital. Unfortunately, there was a mix up in communication and we were not able to visit the ward. They were actually expecting us on Monday. We went back to the church and spent the time together. God really orchestrated this time for the freshman class to bond. It was wonderful to see.  Sarah and Kellie led in worship tonight and we are getting into our small groups for sharing time.
Please pray for us tomorrow as we head back home. The van wasn't working tonight and Keith Cochran had to come over and jump start it for us. Pray we get it started tomorrow and it makes it back without breaking down.