Sunday, March 28, 2004

Update from a parent: Just heard from Jeremy.  They are having a wonderful time. They went to a baptism at the river today with the church in La Carpio. Four of our students along with others from the church were baptized in the river today. They had a great lunch.  Jeremy said the steak and chicken are fantastic. Lots of rice though...  Tonight they went to church which was supposed to start at 6:00 and no one arrived til 6:15.  (Guess they are on island time like the Bahamas....) A few minutes later the power went out. The people of the church surrounded the students and leaders to keep them safe. They escorted them out to their bus in single file so they were all kept together. They boarded their bus and headed back to the hotel. The people of the church look at them as their honored guests and feel responsible for them, Jeremy said.  They would not let anything happen to them. Even if someone scrapes their knee, they feel responsible. God is truly watching over this team during their time there. Pray for them as they minister to the people of the church in La Carpio. -- Mrs. Harford