Saturday, March 27, 2004

(via e-mail) Hi everyone...I am using Jeremy´s account...don´t ask! Anyway...we arrived safely...went to hotel first to check in...then went into San Jose...had a traditional Costa Rican dinner (delicious) and then did a little shopping...Jake got a couple of great masks...some of the other kids actually bought hammocks...again, don´t ask! We then went back to the hotel, rested, had devotions...Beth gave a great orientation to La Carpio...had dinner here at the hotel...we told the kids lights out at 11:00. We catch the bus at 6:30 am, 7:30 FL time to go to church at La Carpio. Church tomorrow is a baptism at the river and the La Carpio moms making lunch for everyone...of course, we will be there all day and there is no bathroom facility, so that will be somewhat of a should have seen the looks on some of the girls´ faces! Everyone is doing well! Only a few stomach aches! Beth is great!!! Please pray for us tomorrow that our kids can stretch out of their comfort zones and not worry about the conditions of the camp, but instead concentrate on serving...I´ll write tomorrow night -- Love, Mrs. Lynch

Adult leaders: Mrs. Lynch, Mr. Mockler, Mrs. Bonorandi, and Mrs. Hudson