Monday, March 29, 2004

We have had an amazing day here! We started the day very early by going to the river in the Rain Forest with hundreds of refugees from La Carpio. The pastor of the church was there to baptize several of his members. As if this wasn't cool enough, Meagan, Jake, Casey and Janet all decided they wanted to be baptized too, so the pastor baptized all of them in the river! Joy...Jake says he still wants to be baptized in the FL ocean, but he could not pass up the opportunity to make a public commitment in the rivers of Costa Rica. We got lots of video and pictures!!!!

This evening was very different...much more than we had bargained for! We were in La Carpio for the evening church service. They were expecting a larger crowd than usual because they had a well known preacher coming. He is a 16 year old who has been preaching since he was 11. He has been on the radio and is very well known in Central America! The pastor was also going to give communion to the four of our students who had been baptized. We were all very excited to see this preacher and to worship with the La Carpio refugees. All of a sudden, the power went out! And it stayed out! Beth decided to have the bus pick us up early, as the pastors were concerned for our safety. They weren't worried as much about our physical well being as they were for our valuables. Anyway, they protected us well until our bus arrived and then gave us an escort to the bus. It was all very exciting, but I felt badly that we were not able to stay! We saw two transformers blow as we were driving out of La Carpio, so they were going to be out of power for awhile. The kids have been great and tomorrow, we have a busy work day at La Carpio. God is good! -- Love, Mrs. Lynch