Thursday, April 01, 2004

Hi everyone...sorry I was not able to email you was a very late night! Mount Arenal and the city of Fortuna were beautiful! The volcano was clouded in but we got to hear it erupt at night...very cool! The kids really enjoyed the water falls and the hot springs, but the highlight yesterday was the horseback riding and the canopy! All students, except Jeremy (who was sick) went on the zip line! It was a real test of courage and faith for many of them. After the zipline yesterday afternoon, we all shopped, came back to San Jose and had an amazing time of sharing last night. You would have been blessed by how much these seniors have matured in their faith! Today, everyone is white water rafting. Mrs. Hudson, Mrs. Bonorandi, and I stayed behind to take care of Jeremy, who has a little stomach virus. He is doing well, but not well enough to send him on a 5 hour rafting trip in the sun. We girls are going to shop a little this afternoon while he rests!:) Tonight is our love bombing night, where each student gets to hear about how much he or she is loved by the rest of us! I am so glad to hear about everyone getting home safely...I hope all is well at the school! We will be praying for the Arizona group to arrive safely tonight! Please pray for a safe trip home for us tomorrow and for several of our students who are suffering from colds and/or allergies that the plane ride would not be too uncomfortable...also for Jeremy, of course! I will email one more time, either tonight or early tomorrow before we leave to fill you in on the rafting and love bombing! My heart is so full! I wish I had time to share all! -- Love in Christ, Mrs. Lynch