Friday, April 02, 2004

Wow! We have had an awesome, mountain top week! The kids went white water rafting today and had an absolute blast. We ladies took care of Jeremy, and once he was feeling better, we went shopping while he slept. Great shopping in CR by the way! Tonight was another very special night as we "love bombed" everyone. That is when each person on the trip writes something encouraging to every other person on the trip. Then, we spend time reading aloud the positive comments! It was an edifying time. Also, I just want to say what a special person Beth is. So many of us are coming home with a burden for these refugees in La Carpio because of her heart and vision for them. I feel as though I have made a friend for life. She is one of a kind! Thank you for your prayers! Continue to pray for safe travel and for students to stay healthy!

We heard about the funny April Fools that the Arizona group pulled on their guide. We pulled a funny one on Beth this morning where we asked the white water guide to start giving her a bad time and then have Jorden start to fight with the guy in an effort to defend her. The joke only lasted for about 30 seconds in all, but it was really funny! She was totally fooled! Then, the whole group pulled an April Fools on me and had the waiter at the restaurant come and serenade me in Spanish. We even pulled a little April Fools on Jesus G. during the "love bombing." We have had a wonderful day...full of fun, laughter, sharing and caring! I pray that the Arizona group is arriving home just about now! -- Love to all, Mrs. Lynch