Monday, March 14, 2005

Alright! Here is todays update! (Forgive my grammar; I cant find an apostrophe on this Spanish computer!)
This was the last day of ministry work at La Carpio. We wanted to backtrack a little and give you some idea of the last few days there.
It was a definite culture shock when we arrived in La Carpio. La Carpio is a Nicaraguan refugee camp, with 100,000 people living in one square mile. The houses are mostly made of corrugated aluminum and concrete, and are literally right on top of each other. The local church is in a constant state of construction, and so yesterday when we showed up dressed for church, we instead found ourselves working. But thankfully everyone had a good attitude and worked hard!
This morning we showed up for day two of work at the church. The church is working on building additions for bathrooms, and there were so many construction projects going on! Ryan, Andrew and Tim helped tie rebar, Chris and Joe hauled more cinder blocks, and Luiza, Brittney, Charity, Jen and both Nicoles sifted dirt to get sand and gravel for cement. Mike, Zach, Gayle and Mr. Mockler carted the sand down a flight of stairs to make mortar. The guys also helped to mix cement.
After lunch we sorted all the clothes and supplies to give to the people, and set up crafts and games to play with the kids. When the kids came, we overcame the language barrier and had a great time, though we didnt always understand them. Some of us played jump rope for the first time since elementary school!
Tonight we had a devotion on gratitude, and it was a great time of sharing within the group. Many people remarked on how thankful the people of La Carpio were, and how we can apply that in our own lives. Tomorrow we will be headed to a volcano and hot springs, and staying overnight there. We will probably not be able to update from there, but we will be back on Wednesday night. Keep us in your prayers -- Love, The Seniors