Monday, March 14, 2005

Hello to everyone! Here is the last update for our 9th grade missions trip. It is wonderful to be home and have access to the Internet so that I can close out our trip properly. Simply put, God is faithful, and He is good!! This is a group of 9th graders who demonstrate tremendous promise and potential to become godly men and women. Jason said it best when he shared with the group last night that he had seen many of them emerge as leaders. I saw it too! Speaking of last night, we had a wonderful time of sharing. God worked through Eugene, Eulie and Mr. Wheeler throughout the weekend to deliver very similar messages on living a life totally devoted to God. Many students shared during last night's devotions that they had been convicted through those messages to start living for Christ and to stop trying to live both a worldly life and a Christian life.

I want to share with you from my heart that I was a little concerned about chaperoning thirty-nine 9th graders. I asked several of the faculty and staff to pray for patience for me. God answered those prayers in a way that only He can. Instead of practicing patience all weekend with 38 wild teenagers, God gave me a very special group of students who were energetic, but obedient, grateful, caring, servant-hearted, and joyful. When our bus broke down today, after a long and tiring weekend, none of us was very happy, but the students made lemonade out of lemons; rather than complain, they found fun things to do to entertain themselves while we waited for the tow truck and charter bus. Our 9th grade parents should be very proud of their children! I am grateful for each of them, as well as our chaperones: Jason, who was a perfect leader and role model for our students - they all loved hanging out with him; Mrs. Kelly, for her graciousness and gift of hospitality - our students were well fed and well nourished; Mrs. Sengberg, who has the gift of compassion and was so good to Jen and others who needed encouragement; Mr. Wheeler, who is so well respected and loved by our 9th graders - his devotional rocked! and Mr. Erickson, who tirelessly drove us around the very confusing area of Orlando with me as navigator...need I say more? I was very happy for him that he got to rest on the way home on the charter bus, rather than having to drive.

I am glad to be home, but I come home with precious memories of students serving and ministering. I will never forget standing in the parking lot of the Dream Center and, everywhere I looked, seeing our students sitting with little ones, sharing the Good News; and I will never forget the smiles on the faces of our ten elderly patients at Manor Care, as our students visited with them, played games with them, and gave them back their humanity and dignity for the short time we were there. Thank you for your prayers; continue to pray for our 10th, 11th, and 12th grade missionaries! -- In Christ, Mrs. Lynch