Friday, March 18, 2005

Here are some closing thoughts for the trip.
Our last day was long and involved lots of travel. We left Flagstaff at 6:30, then headed for the Phoenix airport in order to get Tim there in time to catch his connection to Portland. Most of us waited at the airport while Andrew, Mr. Hood, Joey and Kyle returned to Church on the Street to retrieve the luggage we had left there. After a little packing and rearranging, we checked in, said a sad farewell to Andrew, and boarded the plane. Because of weather in Atlanta, we were delayed in leaving, so some of the kids were hoping to miss our connection to FTL, but then when we were delayed 3 hours in Atlanta, we were all just glad to be home. I guess the main thought I'm bringing home from this trip is that GOD IS REAL, God is good, and God is working. I'm amazed to see how He works in the lives of individuals who say 'yes' to Him, and the power He has to change lives. I've seen how one simple act of obedience can have a ripple effect and bring blessing to the lives of many. And I've seen God's grace to those, who through difficult circumstances and poor choices, have hit bottom and found that there is no place He will not go to bring someone to Himself.
It was a blessing to be part of this experience. -- Mrs. Barnhill