Sunday, March 13, 2005

It was a very cool night last night, but a hot day today. Our morning started out with service at Mount Nebo Baptist Church. What an energetic, enthusiastic, and LOUD service! The students really enjoyed it, and nobody fell asleep, that's for sure. Later we returned to the Elizabeth Estates orphanage and gave out the clothes, candy, and games we had brought. It was a little different than we expected. Our students spent a lot of time playing with the kids - sidewalk chalk, football, etc.

In an extra blessing, today we were able to get into the digs at Atlantis without bribing a guard (unusual). We had a good sharing time tonight on forgiveness and sharing the parables we had seen throughout the day. When it came time for prayer requests, the 10th graders all wanted to pray for the other mission trips.

Thanks for your prayers for Mr. Smith. He's feeling better but nevertheless has decided not to go to the AIDS camp tomorrow. There's only room for 8 students to visit the AIDS camp, so Mrs. Cohen and Meagan will be taking the first 8 students who turned in permission slips. The rest will stay back and do work projects at Adventure Learning Centre. In the afternoon we plan to visit the straw market, and have a campfire at night.

Prayer Requests: For tomorrow's visit to the AIDS camp, and for the students staying back at ALC to have excellent servant attitudes. For continued healing for Mr. Smith. For tomorrow's trip to the beach: The weather has been hot, so the students need to remember to drink plenty of water and use sunscreen. Please also pray for good attitudes and relationships. -- Mrs. Riter