Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Today we traveled from Phoenix to Sedona, then Flagstaff. In Sedona, we ate sandwiches for lunch at a small, beautiful canyon. Then some people went shopping while others went hiking. Kevin, Joey, Mr. Hood, Brian, and Kyle blazed a new trail at the end of the trail. After that, we traveled further north, and stopped at a "scenic overlook." While there, there was snow on the ground, and we had a major snow ball fight. See the pictures: it was the most fun I have had all trip. After that, we traveled to Flagstaff and checked into our hotel. We are having a great time.

Prayer Request: safe travel to the Grand Canyon -- Kevin

Note from Faith: This morning we started off the morning by going to an outreach with Church on the Street and ministering to the homeless. Afterwards we made an ever-important stop at Starbucks!