Saturday, March 12, 2005

We and all of our bags arrived in the Bahamas safely. Praise God for that! The students are enthusiastic, encouraging, and willing to work. In fact, the chaperones are sworn to secrecy that some of the students actually enjoy dish duty. (Don't tell their parents!) The spirit of this group of sophomores is really great.

Today we conducted games, arts & crafts, and music at the Elizabeth Estates orphanage. Then we came to the Adventure Learning Centre for orientation, dinner, and a very lively and interesting planetarium presentation. Tomorrow we will attend church in the morning and return to Elizabeth Estates.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for Mr. Smith, who has a sinus infection. Also pray that we can have an opportunity to minister to all of the children at Elizabeth Estates tomorrow. Some of the children could not join us today because they were on restrictions.

I'll try to check in again either tomorrow or Monday. -- Mrs. Riter