Saturday, March 12, 2005

We had a great day; several of the children at the Dream Center prayed to receive Christ. But talk about spiritual warfare! When we first got to the Dream Center, some other work groups were there and it was very unorganized. Then we realized that we had left the salvation bracelets back at the church where we had slept, about 30 minutes away! Since the bracelets were the most important part of our presentation, I decided to try to go back, and one of the pastors offered to drive me. But when we got back to the church, my key didn't work! Finally, a maintenance man let me in and we were able to bring back the salvation bracelet supplies.
But it was God's timing...If we had tried to present the gospel earlier in the day, there would have been too many distractions. By the time we returned to the Dream Center, most of the other work groups had left and it was all quiet and settled down. We had the children's full attention, and as a result 8 to 10 children received Christ.
Tonight we had a good time at Dixie Stampede and now we're back at FBC Oviedo to sleep.
Prayer Request: That our students be very open and generous with the elderly tomorrow, who may be harder for them to work with than the little kids. -- Mrs. Lynch