Tuesday, March 15, 2005

We just landed in Florida and we're still on the plane. Everything went well; it was a great trip. At the AIDS camp yesterday there were only a few patients whom our student were able to visit. It was very hard and our kids were speechless. They turned out doing some work projects at the AIDS camp. Back at ALC, the work crews went well. Everyone worked hard and got a lot done.
The straw market was great yesterday. Everyone stayed with their group, was well behaved, and got great deals! The kids were just great. Meagan has been a wonderful chaperone, although she is is very tired. She was surprised how much work it is to chaperone a trip! There was good sharing at the campfire last night. Some students expressed a desire to grow closer to the Lord.

Eunice didn't have the right paperwork to get back into the States, so the officials called Mr. Smith aside. Mr. Smith says he wasn't worried one bit because he's seen God overcome so many obstacles on mission trips, and he knew that God would be faithful this time. And He was, and Eunice was cleared to return.

Prayer Request: Mr. Smith is feeling much better, but is really tired. Pray for refreshment for him, as his RV was broken into while gone, so he has a lot to come back to.

We seem to be on time for a 6 pm arrival at the high school. -- Mrs. Riter