Thursday, March 17, 2005

Well, these last three days have been an exhausting and absolutely amazing time. On Tuesday, the waterfall was beautiful but very cold, and later that night we had the hot springs all to ourselves. We ordered some yummy drinks there!

Yesterday, we had a 30 min horseback ride to the zip line, Jen leading the way! It was beautiful clear skies until about twenty seconds after the horses left, and then it rained for the rest of the day.

When we reached the zip line, we all strapped into our harnesses, climbed a few flights of outdoor stairs, and one by one were swinging into the lush wet rainforest. We started about 200 feet in the air, and ended back at the horse stables, wet and muddy.

We took the horses back through the mud to the stables. Earlier, Keri had assured those of us who were timid about the horses that she had taken more than 800 people riding and never had an incident. Well, our group set out to prove her wrong, as Tim fell off the horse about halfway to the stable and was covered in mud and horse poo. Thankfully, he was not hurt. Soon after we went shopping at a local crafts store.

Today we went white water rafting. It was an amazing, awesome, beautiful time. Zach, Mr. Mockler, Jen, Joe, Nicole V., Luiza and Mike all fell out of the boats at one point or another. Mike fell out at a very dangerous spot, but thanks to God's grace and our quick-thinking tour guide Caleb, was rescued immediately. We drifted through the beautiful rainforest canyons and got some great pictures!

We have also had amazing sharing times these last few days, with everyone encouraging and uplifting each other. We talked about taking up our cross daily, and what that means to each person in their own life, and had an awesome time of prayer. We were so encouraged to hear about the Arizona trip and how Chris came to Christ!! Praise God!!

Prayer Request: Please keep praying for the safe return of the other trips, and also for our travel safety tomorrow. We love you and miss you all! -- Gayle & the rest of the Seniors