Sunday, March 13, 2005

Woke up around 6:45 (note from Faith girls were up at 5:30!) to get ready to get breakfast and then go to our Bible study at 9:00 where Andrew led worship in front of all the homeless people. Then, we broke into groups. Some went to help the youth and some went to church service. Joel and Hunter performed a puppet show to entertain the kids. Afterward, at about 12:30, we had some spaghetti and conversed with the homeless people. Then we went to an outreach where we served food to people out on the streets and also talked with them. Joel, Kyle, Andrew, Tim, Brian, and Joey met with a man named Rich and talked with him for a while. Some of the people were still on drugs and very messed up.   We soon left there and went to hike a large mountain. We hiked for about 3 hours and everyone had a great time. After hiking, we were all hungry so we went to a burger place to eat. Then we came back to the church to have a devotion and then went to sleep. -- Joel
Add on from Mr. Hood: We have had a powerful time of sharing tonight. Several students shared that they have felt convicted about how much we have at home and how blessed we are but we complain about such trivial things! There was a very intense conversation within our group about being "holy" and about "faith without works being dead" (James 2). Prayer Request: Please pray for everyone in our group to continue to let God work on their hearts!

Add on from Faith: Thank you for your prayers. It was a miracle that I could connect to the internet!
An amazing day today as we got to love people, love God, and love His creation of the rocks and cactus!