Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Atmore, Alabama- Days 1 and 2

Posted by:Meg and GAb =)
Last night we arrived in Atmore about 2 hours behind schedule, but knowing our sophomores, we all were very excited and had plenty of energy. From unloading the bus to blowing up air mattresses we all worked together to get settled in for the week. We are very exctied to see what God has in store for us. >>Good nIght!!

Its been an interesting morning as teams have gone out to different work sites. For a few of us who have not had specific work to do, we have become prayer warriors as we support our fellow classmates and are waiting to see what God will have us do. Mr. Watler and his team have been working on putting up vinyl panneling to repair the walls of a damaged house. Mr. Rhodes and his crew are removing and rebuilding a deck from another devastated house. Mrs. Riter has graciously been driving all around town delivering lunches to all of us. In all that they do, the sophomores and chaperones are truly showing Christ's love in growing closer together, serving others, and most importantly honoring God. Ms. Seely has taken many pictures and so here they are...ENJOY!! =)

Quote of the Day:
"Well guys looks like we're in a Hurry to Wait!"- Mr. Hood