Thursday, March 23, 2006

We Have Arrived!!!

Posted by: Piage, Britt, and Katy
We arrived today around 4:00, and unfortunately it was raining... but we got our cabins and they're pretty cool. The bathrooms are... let's just say DIFFERENT! It's basically a hole in the ground. But dinner was really yummy! After dinner we split up into different groups and accomplished different tasks. We can't wait until tomorrow when we get to milk goats and do some other interesting things!

Posted by: Tyler
The ride wasn't bad... Mr. Smith can sure make a u-turn! This place is truly third world... picture Compton without the low riders:) Lisa made friends with patches the dog too!

Posted by: Miss Fisher
Well, we arrived to a drizzle, but that certainly didn't dampen anyone's enthusiasm. We unloaded the bus and divided up into our cabins... they weren't inhabited... except by the occasional lizard and dead bug! Visiting the bathroom was certainly an adventure. Basically an outhouse type shack with a hole and a bucket of water to flush with. An innovative sink is a spigot outside where a stocking foot hangs with soap in it (a third world soap dispenser!) And when we explored the showers (concrete buildings with a bucket in the roof that has holes in the bottom allowing water to fall through) some folks seemed to be questioning the pressing need of personal hygene. Dinner was great... we definitely won't be starving here in third world village... they even had homemade chocolate chip cookies:) After dinner, we divided up for chores... washing dishes, wiping tables, feeding the chickens... you know, just like at home! And now it's dark.... really dark.... no street lights... so we're carrying around our lanterns and flashlights and having great fun chasing/surprising each other in the dark. Some of the more squeamish among us have found the number of frogs a bit disturbing... and we found a large snake skin which I found disturbing. Well, I've gotta run to devotions.

Prayer requests:
1. That the weather would improve a little... we're really thankful for the cool air, but the rain has hampered our activities a bit.
2. Please pray that God would help us to be a family with each other, as this is for many their first mission trip and time away from home.