Monday, April 03, 2006

Finally, a real update!

POSTED BY: Patrick
Well, after two and a half days without an Internet connection, we’ve finally found sweet high speed wireless access in a Starbucks. The trip so far has been absolutely amazing and we’ve been doing a ton of bonding as a class. New friendships have been made and others have been strengthened, and we’ve all found out things about each other that we hadn’t known before. We had a fairly good flight over here, and we’ve been busy since. Today we got up early to go and do a morning street outreach with Church on the Street, serving breakfast to the homeless and putting on a skit and doing some songs. The past two days have been filled with several street outreaches, where we have served food and spoken with the homeless. Well, I’m going to go ahead and let everyone else post their entries, so keep us in your prayers!

POSTED BY: Morgan and Joanna

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Cats and dogs! Shelby, Sammy, and Ninja! Okay, so here’s the scoop: we’re having a super blast here in Arizona meeting some new bro’s and sis’s in Christ. It’s great to help the people out who need it so badly! Yesterday we climbed a huge mountain and took some awesome pics (don’t worry mom’s and pappy’s, we’re not being too risky!) Tonight we’re going to be really cute and go square dancing! Alright, we miss you freshy’s and sophy’s, HOLLA! We love you all! Peace out.

I love you!

Today was an awesome day and it is only 3:00 PM our time! We all (at least the girls) woke up about 4:45 AM to get ready. All of us are getting along great. So much so that we are having singing contests between our vans! Merideth’s van won last night (Go odds!) We are sitting here in Starbucks after a great day of outreaches, morning at the Zone, and afternoon at the Desert Cove Spanish church. Can’t wait till square dancing tonight. Just remember that we’re three hours behind you all, so think before you call. Miss you all, can’t wait to tell you stories when we get home!
P.S. Miss you Stef, Katie, and fam.

Hi. Questions are not completely answered.

Hello all! How’s everyone doing? This trip so far is awesome. It’s been so cool ministering and feeding the homeless people at the “Zone” as they call it. They have nothing. And its weird how we all complain about stuff. So yeah, we are staying at the church in the sanctuary. I slept on a pew on Saturday night and Mr. Mockler said I fell off but I don’t remember. LOL. The class is bonding so well and mingling around with people they’ve never really talked to. Well I love you all and miss you.
P.S. Hi Steff (told you I’d say hi)

Hello everyone! We are all having an awesome time here in the dry desert of Arizona. It’s great to work with all the people that we’re working with. It’s like a whole different world that people don’t know about. We have done some great hikes - a lot of us slipped and almost fell down, haha. But overall it has been awesome! Our class is all bonding. God is great and I miss you all. xo

Her all! We’ve been serving nonstop! But it’s all good as I’m sure you’ve already heard we’re so glad to not be at school right now! See ya soon, hopefully we will keep having a great time doing god’s work. :)

POSTED BY: Kenneth
Hi all, I’m having fun. Miss you, bye.