Friday, April 07, 2006

From the Seniors to the Freshmen: Advice to make it Through

Posted by: Class of 2006
During our reflection time last night we were each challenged to give advice to the freshmen on how to make it through high school. To close out our trip, we would like to give this to you:

Joey-work hard now and don’t try to make it all up later
Leche-work hard and don’t think that its just 9th grade. Bad grades stay with you
Kyle-don’t try to pick your college by yourself, make God the biggest part of your decision and let God tell you where He wants you to go
Timma-keep track of community service hours and awards an accomplishments for your resume
Joel-be smart academic-wise and if you aren’t smart get good grades because it helps a lot getting into college
Keev-be ready for Junior year because that is the hardest
Andrew-college comes quick and math is hard. So listen to Brucey.
Shelley-Ann Gregory-there are a lot of temptations in school. Be prepared to deal with them and know them that behind God school needs to come as a top priority and focus.
Kathy-go on all 4 mission trips and pray that you will see what God wants to show you on the trips beforehand
Aileen-stay focused. Don’t get off track because it is really hard to get back on track
Gray-pick your friends wisely because they could be a big part in who you are by Senior year negatively or positively
Collin-Do everything you can (sports, etc) and work as hard as you can
Yohana-Don’t just learn from your mistakes, learn to forgive yourself for them, or else you can’t move forward. God is always there even if you don’t feel Him and in His Word He promises He is there. He will always show up.
Shaye-Don’t let your enthusiasms and faith for God die throughout High school. The roughest times it starts to die out and that is when you need to hold on the most. Stay strong and continue to grow and don’t let it die out
Christian-keep your priorities straight “A friend will stab you in the front, an enemy stabs you in the back, a girlfriend/boyfriend stabs you in the heart, but a true friend carries a knife to stab them back” God needs to be main priority.
Faith-maintain a positive attitude. Listen to those in authority, and respect others even if you don’t like them. Remember God's ways are higher than our ways.