Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sophomore Reminder

High School Mission Trip Blog
Hi Sophomores!
Last night while I was at church, I was reminded of a commitment I had made to the Lord, while in Atmore, and have not followed through with it. On the second night at the revival, we were challenged by Pastor Spiller to share our faith with someone before Easter. The Lord specifically spoke to me about inviting some of my neighbors to our Easter services. I am grateful that the Lord reminded me of this commitment before it was too late. I did not take the time to record it in my Journal, so it was easily out of my mind. I know that God desired to speak to each of us while we were in Atmore. Do you remember what He said to you? Now that we have been back for almost 2 weeks, have you gone back to the status quo or are you continuing to seek His face? I pray that you would be encouraged by His love and reminded of how truly blessed we are. I love you all and will continue to pray for you!
Mrs. Riter
aka; Lunch Lady