Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Uno Momento

Posted by: Faith
I only have 5 minutes on this dialup computer so will have to be fast. Today was a great day with lots of water! We drove to the Volcano in Fortuna, Costa Rica and we got to our hotel. It is a very cute place and everyone is having a blast. Shortly after our rice, beans, and fish lunch we headed out to see a very beautiful waterfall. Pics will be posted tomorrow. After the freezing cold waterfall we got to go and visit hot springs, which is water heated by the volcano. It was a blast! After that we got to see the volcano erupt. (Don´t worry it was only smoke and it erupts every night) I will post again tomorrow when I have a better connection and more time. My time is up so I have to go...and oh yeah I got a great video today but you will have to wait till tomorrow to see...=) I forgot, we got a great American dinner of cheeseburgers! Yum!

PS Mr.Mockler your note to us was not found : (

Prayer Requests¨: safe travel tomorrow as well as God transforming those in our group who are not yet saved. Pray that God would impact this class in new ways never known before. Thanks for your prayers!