Thursday, March 29, 2007


Posted by: Meg =)

WOWIIEE!!! IT IS laaate and waaarm here in South Florida!! Hehe...and guess what??!! The JUNIORS are BACK!! And roaring to go..since technically for us it's only about 11:45 pm STandard time! ((haha)) Just Kidding we are quite exhausted.
Well as for our long trip home... Flying went very well and we are very happy to say Hello and Good night to Boca Raton, Florida. Home Sweet Home and Sweet Dreams!!

Thank-You for you prayers and encouragement throughout our amazing trip...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The GRandest Canyon of ALL & A Rather COOL Surprise!!

Posted By: Marissa, Meaghan and Brittany

Brrrrr... that's right: SNOW!!!!! WOO HOO!!
Yes this just in, the Juniors have finally experienced a snow storm together!!
Today we all woke up early this morning to a shocking 42◦ and below. Brooke led us in devotions this morning; her topic was a rather great one, Purity. Quickly after, Kim Taylor, our tour guide from Joshua Expeditions gave a teaching on Intelligent Design and the Grand Canyon. Heading out to the vans we discovered that it was a bit chilly for us Floridians but boy did we love it! All layered with sweatshirts, jeans, hats, and gloves we began our wonderful day. It was a little bit of a drive from Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon but as usual we had fun the whole way up. We arrived there 2 hours later to a very windy Grand Canyon Village and began to venture out onto its treacherous trails. WOW!! Once again God’s magnificent glory is clearly shone through this incredible natural creation. We took many many beautiful pictures and explored the great splendor of the Grand Canyon. A bunch of us decide to hike down to the bottom and some chose to walk the rim up top. For those that climbed down the sides of the Canyon they had no idea how much of a good work out they would get. Besides the fact, all the hard work was definitely worth it. Many were completely overwhelmed with the view of an amazingly, indescribable creation. What an experience!

Later we drove a little down the road to another sighting of the Grand Canyon with a huge Watchtower that over looked the divide from high above. I think I forgot to mention how much it began to snow…ALOT! We found ourselves in a pretty stormy flurry with snow covering everything all around us. It was so beautiful, we really enjoyed being able to see it and play around in it. The class is really looking forward to a snowball fight tomorrow morning before we head back to Phoenix for our flight. Finally the night came to an end as we stopped to eat at Galaxy Diner for a quick meal and then went on back to the hotel to share our “Love Bombs” (each persons compliments for another person) and then on to the hot tubs for a warm up. It was a blast! Wish us well tomorrow!

Home Sweet Home soon!! Awww!
We Miss everyone!

Good-Bye Church on the Street & Hello Mrs. Lynch!

Posted By: Amanda
Yesterday morning we woke up early so we could attend our final outreach. We had some interesting conversations with some of the people who were in attendance. After the outreach, we headed back to the dream center so we could finally hear the testimonies spoken from the “disciples” who are currently living at the dream center. Our hearts were truly touched by some of their amazing stories. Church on the Street has truly blessed the homeless and has impacted the whole junior class on this trip. After we said our final goodbyes, we headed to Pine, Arizona where we met Ms. Lynch at Tonto Natural Bridge State Park. Personally, I think that this place was the most beautiful place we’ve seen yet. You’ll see for yourself in some of the pictures we took. Ms. Lynch prepared a wonderful picnic and cook out for all of us. We had a great time visiting with her and it was such a peaceful place. After we left the park, we drove two more hours to Flagstaff where we are staying in the Ameri Suites Hotel. We ordered some pizza and took a dip in the hot tub before Josiah led us in devotions. It was really fun! After a long day, we went to bed looking forward to a big day in the Grand Canyon!

Mrs. Lynch says Hi and sends her love to everyone!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Junior Conquests!!

Posted by: Meg

Sunday Morning Church!! Church on the Street shared quite a church service with us yesterday morning. We arrived a little late for the adult Sunday school service at Church on the Street and were amazed with how they just immediately stopped the service to welcome us, give up their seats for us to sit, and asked if we could lead them in some praise and worship. They were so kind to us and really excited that we were there to have church with them.
In unity we worshiped God whole heartedly. It’s kind of funny because despite the fact that our service wasn’t always singing in perfect harmony, all together we still continued to praise God. It was an Amazing experience! The Lord’s presence was evident. After, we joined many of the disciples (people in the recovery program) of Church on the Street in the main service for lots of music, some dramas, and a great message by Pastor Walt. Meanwhile other Juniors helped out in children’s church with the younger kids making salvation bracelets and read bible stories together. It was quite a big morning for all of us. After eating some lunch we attended a street outreach where we had the opportunity to serve many homeless people food that were incredibly thankful for. We learned of many of their life experiences and were able to share our testimonies and even had a prayer of salvation with many of them. We as Juniors had a great time talking with these people who were in desperate need of our affection. Finally what we all had especially been looking forward to a hike at Papago Park one last time! We embarked upon a new mountain and worked together to overcome our fears of climbing. WOW!! HOW BEAUTIFUL! We have once again been able to see and really take some time to appreciate God's magnificent creation. I know for me as I stood at the very top of that mountain I was just completly overwhlemed with looking out over all and seeing the amazing detail and beauty of what none other but our God could have created. Praise God!!

As the sun set around us we gathered at the bottom of the mountain where Erik and Mrs. Stapleton led in devotions. Mrs. Stapleton challenged us to ask forgiveness for the conflicts that we have had in our lives. We wrote down the names of people that we needed to forgive and symbolically burned note cards in the fire. It was a wonderful ending to our night…and we were soon off to bed!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Last day in Lake Wales

Posted by: Nick H

Today we did several community services around the HEART village. Our tasks were anything from helping the gardens to clearing the lake of fish (which required wading neck-deep in mud, algae, and water). All the jobs were hard work and we were glad to take a break for lunch! (Side note from Mr. Hood--Some students got to learn how to drive stick shift on the open farm roads!) After lunch we packed and cleaned our cabins before departing for the missions retirement village, called SIM (Sudan Inland Mission).

At the retirement community, we were given the opportunity to listen to former missionaries talk about their experiences in Africa. They discussed what they had done in their mission field. We really learned a lot about missions in general, but also how a missionary's job is to integrate into a foreign culture with different kinds of people. Everyone enjoyed the trip and are looking forward to similar experiences in the future. We would also like to say hello to everyone's favorite dude, Scuba Steve.

Freshman mission trip 2007, over and out!

Josh For the Lake Wales team

McDonalds vacuums our money again!

Posted by: Nick and Katy

Well hello again, people in Boca. Right now we (Mr. Smith, Steven G, and I) are in a local Mcdonalds because of no internet connection! They are charging us $2.95 for like 2 hours of service. Democrats. Any who tonight we are all going to Wal-Mart to buy the people that we have been helping this week certain items that they can use throughout their homes. Speaking of Wal-Mart, the boys had a fun late night Wal-Mart run last night at about 12:30. It was pretty fun and saw some “interesting” thing—pretty fun. I bought socks, because I was pretty unprepared. Today we woke up early….again, and went off to help people in their homes. My group went to a Spanish lady’s house and laid tile throughout her home. Other groups did pretty much the same thing, just in other areas of Clewiston. So far the trip has been pretty fun and it’s pretty weird that we will be traveling home tomorrow night; the trip has seemed so short. Well, here are a few writings from some other people:

Steven G. – When people think of mission trips, some of the things that come to mind are: fun, serving, bonding, growing in your walk with Christ, etc. I’ll be the first to tell you that it has been nothing short of all of these things. I’m certain I can speak for the whole sophomore class when I say that this has been a memorable trip in which all of us have grown closer to each other and to our Lord. A fun-filled day at Busch Gardens served as a much needed break for all of us (though some are terrified of roller coasters… okay, maybe that was just me…) Either way, it was a great time for the whole class and the leaders that have been such great company and help to all of us! This trip has definitely been a great and impacting experience for me as well as for the rest of our class.

Tori – The trip has been a really fun experience for me. Even through the gross parts, I get to say that I help people, and got to show them the love of God with my class. Once again, I got to get really close to the people in my class. See you all Wednesday!

Bobby – So far this trip has been an amazing experience. For me one of the most impacting parts was doing the construction work for the local houses in Clewiston. It was a great way to share the love of Christ with those who may need it, through our service. We have also been bonding as a class. The work group that I have been in has been great. All of us have really worked hard together and have had a great time doing it. Mission Trips overall are awesome opportunities to serve others and grow closer to God.

Well as you can see it has been a fun trip! Many people have had different reactions to what has happened, yet have all have enjoyed the opportunities. Oh! And we had special people come up and see us. Last night (Sunday) Jennie, Stephanie, and Mrs. Wenzel came up to join us. Everyone was really excited and had a great time with them. And hi to Kim! We miss you a lot! Can’t wait to see you on Wednesday.

P.S. Mr. Smith is tired. =]

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Answered Prayer

From Mr. Hood:
Last night was truly an amazing time of sharing--one in which we could clearly feel the Spirit of God moving in our midst. It began with a wonderful energetic praise and worship set led by Josh D and Nick H on their guitars. We then opened it up for students and chaperones to share whatever God had impacted us with that day. It was very open ended--we encouraged people to share things they were thankful about each other; things they learned from our rich man/poor man lunch; or anything that God had laid on their hearts. Within a few moments you could tell it was going to be a special time--students were opening up about deep hurts they've had. Others were confessing things they had said about each other, apologies were made, tears were shed, hugs of reconciliation, encouragement was said to others, tears of joy were flowing, prayers were lifted for parents who are sick, hugs of support were given to students weeping because of parents who have passed away or parents they have never known...It went on for two hours!! It was an amazing combination of emotions! Joy, pain, love, reconciliation, transparency, times of challenge were given--no one wanted to leave and when we ended everyone stayed for another 30 minutes hugging and crying and laughing. Thank you to all who have prayed for this trip--we have seen the results--God answers prayer!!!!!!

From Josh D:

Oh my goodness, we have had so much fun on this trip so far! One of the fun highlights of this trip was "The Wall." The wall is a 12.5 ft tall wooden wall with a platform at the top. The objective of "The Wall" was to get every member up to the top of the wall, which would leave one person left to lift from 12 feet down below. We had gotten everyone up except for Benji, George (who was helping lift) and Charley (who was also lifting). With the help of God, and Mr. Hood, Jenna, and Brandon, we got Benji up, but not without a fight. Then George got up with Charley lifting him. The last one left was Charley. We could not find a way to lift Charley up, until someone thought of an ingenious way of lifting Charley up off the ground to the top. It was a great team building activity to make us trust each other. It also taught us a spiritual lesson that we have to believe we can climb a wall/problems with God being the one to lift us up and over.

From Emily W:

Today was a lot of fun. We went to a Hatian church in the morning. It was fantastic. Even though we could not understand most of it since the service was in creole, we were all gathering to worship the Lord, and that is what it is about! Then, we all got up and sang a song in English. We sang "Marvelous Light" with the hand motions and everything. It was AMAZING. 2 different cultures coming together under one house to worship and praise the Lord. What an awesome experience! After church, we headed to Cypress Gardens. We had so much fun. Jessica D, Andrea B, and I got to witness to multiple people while waiting in line. It was SO much fun!!!!! We all enjoyed the park, and some got even closer in their friendships. Can't wait to see you all back home, and hear about other mission trips. We are having a BLAST! Love, Emily W
Keep the COMMENTS coming! We'd love to hear from you! (but remember to sign your name)
--The Lake Wales Team

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Posted by:Katy, Nick, Steven, Tyler, and Amy

Hello Everyone!! Today we had a very exciting fun filled day at Busch Gardens. We now are sitting in a McDonalds because of the lack of an internet connection elsewere. (*Side Note*: Tyler is eating a Happy Meal with Amy, and YES...he got the Ninja Turtles toy!) This morning the guys and girls each had seperate devotionals in which both Mr. Smith and Mrs. Bonorandi shared respectively. We expect to arrive in Clewiston tonight at approximatly 9:00 P.M. There we will continue our work at the homes affected by hurricane damage. (Note: the pictures posted on this blog belong to both Friday and Saturday's "adventures." This is due to the fact that we could not post pictures up until now.) We appreciate ALL of your thoughts and prayer, and look forward to our next update.

Oh yea...Hi Kim, Jenny, and Stephanie!! We all miss you so much!! We hope you are having fun back at home; we've been thinking of you.

Better late then never

Posted by: The 221 boys

Well hello there again from St. Petersburg. We are all currently lying in beds in our hotel room (room 221) practically falling asleep. We have all been pretty much sleep deprived these past few days. Today we woke up pretty early and the girls came over from their church and ate breakfast with us. Then as some of the teams were getting ready to go out to other houses, we found out that the bus had an electrical problem and wouldn’t start. That was a little upsetting so we all had to stay at the church and hang out. Some of us painted, vacuumed, some even made lunches for us to eat. So Mr. Smith called up this sketch mechanic guy who came here and “fixed” the bus. Put it this way: in order to start the bus, you need to stick a screw driver near the ignition wires and jump the current…. Pretty interesting, eh? Well after the mechanic guy fixed the bus we all piled on and had a great three hour bus ride to St. Petersburg, where we went to Mr. Smith’s dad’s church and passed out flyers promoting an upcoming Easter Service. Then we had a great dinner at the church which was provided by a bunch of nice ladies. Next we went to Calvary Chapel; it was a great worship service. Then we came back here to the hotel; some of us went to Bob Evans and got more food, and the rest went swimming in the hotel pool. Now Mr. Smith has sent us to bed, and has just now announced the official “lights out”. So we, being the godly character we are, will follow directions. :) Good night, and so long from the boys in room 221! (Nick, Steven, Ryckur, and Ben)

Posted by: JO-SiZZ, Gab, and Meg =o)

Hello world of BRCS. Josiah here with the report of the day. This glorious day started with a lovely breakfast for everyone.... Well, not everyone. Anyone who could stumble out of their beds at 6:30 a.m. After that we sat in on a "soul winning" class where one of the pastors spoke. After that we went to an outreach they called "Adopt a Block". My group was mainly an outreach for the children. We handed out cards for a huge Easter egg hunt next Sunday. After going door to door, we had children's church with games, puppet shows, and pretty much anything you can imagine. The leader that went with us to this was quite spontaneous and excited to talk to the kids. After we were done with the outreach, we went back to the Dream Center, ate lunch, and then ventured out to Papago Park... And back to you Meg and Gab!

Alrighty!! Well Papago Park was by far the most amazing part of our trip so far if you ask us. We all got to experience God’s amazing creativity at its finest today as we went on a rather challenging “Hike”/Rock Climbing adventure. It clearly defined what an astounding and remarkable creator He is. As the junior class explored the mountains, although separated, all groups worked together to climb to the top. We were able to show a servant’s heart in helping each other reach our goal.
After a very long hike back down to the bottom; we gathered together for a time of reflection. We all opened up and shared what was on our hearts so far on the trip. We returned back to the Dream Center where Josiah and Erik lead our devotions for the night. We are EXTREMELY tired and well ready for a good night’s sleep. GOOD NIGHT!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Catching up a bit

Posted by: The Senior Class

Hello all!
What an exciting two days these have been!!! Yesterday we made our way up over the nearby mountains to the town of Fortuna, so named because when the volcano erupted 40 years ago it wasn´t wiped out. Yes, volcano Arenal was amazing!!! It was pretty cool because we got to see the volcano without any cloud coverage as we were driving to our hotel and there´s only like a 5% chance that there is no clouds covering it...(Andrew says hi to stef and fam) After arriving to our hotel, we had lunch and then some down time where some of us went for a dip in the amazing pool! Then it was off to our hike. Wow was it intense! Stairmaster is an understatement but the killer stairs paid off when we reached the extraordinary waterfall! While some (andrew and matt) fishing, the others were taking a swim in the almost below zero temperature water!!! Then we had to drag our way back up the stairs, which was even more intense!!!! Off to the hot springs---how relaxing it was to sip on beverages under a flow of hot water heated by magma. (Sarah says hi) By dinner, we were wiped out. I (karina) fell asleep and missed desert! it was terrible!
Today we woke up early jumped on horses! Some of us were terrified, but other than brittany taking a dive and a few horse kicks here and there, we survived!!!! Then came the zip lining...We had a few criers (3) but other than the seemingly unsturdy platforms made of chicken wires, it was extreme!!!!! After severe thigh pains, we headed to lunch where bruce joined a native playing the xylophone as we munched on our tasty lunch. After lunch, Andrew was robbed of his gatorade by a native homeless grandmother roaming the streets! (karina says hi to jason and her mommy) Then we hopped on the bus for a grueling circular uphill, down hill path back to san jose. The dramamine came in handy! Finally, we arrived exhausted and grimmy and ran to the showers! And now here we are after dinner and devotions getting ready for an intense round of card games in Ms. Fish´s room!
We will keep ya posted, thanks so much for the prayers and thoughts!
we miss ya!
(Isa says hi to everyone-yes including you zach! nemo says hi to dori <3)

Rich Man/Poor Man

Posted by: Joey and Adrian

Hey guys-- this is Joey and Adrian. It’s Saturday Mar 24th and we started off the day around 7 waking up to dirtbikes…We are in different groups but still did a lot of the same activities which mostly involved a lot of teamwork. Me, George and Charlie made a new driveway and fixed stopsigns while Adrian and his group chopped down trees and fed goats and bunnies. Some people had to pump the water we use for taking showers and washing our hands.

At lunch today we were surprised with nothing to eat besides water and cornbread (well, one group got water, one group got a square of cornbread, and one group got a teeny bit of rice, as you can see in the picture) while “group 1” got a a lot to eat. The first picture on this blog is while the rest of us are waiting at the "back" door of the dining hall to be let after the "rich" people were seated at their nice table. The dude explained to us that it was a trick thingy to teach us about poor/rich men to make us more thankful. In the end, group 1 had to serve the rest of us lunch so we didn’t end up going hungry after all. So far its an awesome trip and tomorrow were going to Cypress Gardens park. Laterr

--Adrian and Joey for the Lake Wales team

Postscript from Miss Wilson: Thank you for your continued prayers! Endurance sometimes runs low during the afternoons when the sun is bright, tasks are painstaking, and eyelids are drooping. Cypress Gardens tomorrow will be a welcome change of pace for many! For the most part, the students have had willing hearts and positive attitudes. This evening the entire class did a ropes course activity that involved getting almost all of the members of the class over a giant 14.5-foot wall. It took a lot of hard work and team-building encouragement, but at the end when George D, Benji R, and Mr. Hood finally pulled the last person up, everyone burst into cheering! Pictures of that will come tomorrow.

10th Grade Class Arrives in Clewiston

Posted by: Brenna Parkins & Nick Harper

HEY! We arrived in Clewiston at 8:00am. Friday morning we broke in groups & laid tile & cleaned up a few houses. Sorry we have taken so long to blog, but we've been really busy & have had no internet connection & limited phone service. This morning we are breaking into our work groups. Later on we will be traveling up to Mr. Smith's Dad's church & helping him pass out fliers for an Easter service. The trip has been fun so far & everyone is safe & excited about what God will do on this trip. We hopefully will be able to blog while in Tampa. Bye for now!! Love, Brenna & Nick
Posted by: Meg and Gab =o)

Well No worries here!! Juniors are safe and sound in Phoenix, AriZONA!!!! And we have internet!! YES!! Soo…Loaded with around 5o stuffed suitcases the motley crew packed onto the bus at a very early 3:30 in the morning. The team landed smoothly into Atlanta and then on to Phoenix. After landing in Phoenix together the Juniors worked as quite a team in retrieving and loading the U-Haul with all except one of our bags…Hehe Josiah’s bag was eventually delivered to us at about 10 pm last night. Arriving at the Dream Center ahead of schedule we took a look around and then went off to lunch at Poncho’s a Mexican Buffet. It was AMAZING after a long flight on the plane! We headed back to the Dream Center to get ready for the nights revival and to unpack in our rooms. Unfortunately, one poor soul never got the memo to get their bag and her stuff was unloaded into the huge bucket of giveaways. Any guesses who that could be?? Upon realizing this, Gabby and friends ran to sort out her belongings. Thankfully everything was sorted out and found. HAHaha!
It was REVIVAL TIME!! The Juniors organized tons of clothes and items to give away to the homeless and prepared a couple of skits and praise and worship songs for the night ahead. The revival was very impacting! We fellowshipped with Church on the Street, fed the homeless, and heard some incredible life stories from some of the people that attended revival. Donny, Dan and Brooke led everyone in worshiping God with song along with homeless and disciples of the program. It was pretty Awesome!! We were especially excited to be able to teach everyone the song, “Marvelous Light” as we lead in “lifting our hands and spinning around!” Everyone loved it!! After quite a while of singing, sermons, and dramas extremely exhausted we met for prayer and reflection and then quickly went off to bed. Thank God for an awesome trip so far!! Please keep us in your prayers…WE MISS YOU ALL!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Posted by: Andrea B.

Greetings from Lake Wales! Here's what we did today. We first got to the HEART center and unpacked. The kitchen staff prepared a meal for us, which included grilled cheese, chips, rice krispies, and jello. A missionary spoke to us, and w got POWER tools notebooks, which is a devotional guide. We then split into three groups. Group A was with Mrs. Seeley ("Junkyard Dogs"), group B was with Miss Wilson (group yet unnamed), and group C ("Hoodlams") was with Mr. Hood. We had a devotional time, and those who worked at the HEART center showed us around. We pulled weeds, fed bunnies, chopped down trees to feed the goats, and picked food such as oranges, grapefruit, and other foods that were unknown to us.

During free time, we can play volleyball, basketball, soccer, hold the bunnies, or anything else. We learned about basic missionary facts and played team-building games at the ropes course. We also drew names for something that Miss Wilson named "Zak Passe," which means "What's Up?" in Creole. We will each be praying for our "Zak Passe" person all weekend.

In the evening, we had a time of "group fellowship" when we sang a few praise songs and each person shared something about the day. Some people mentioned how good the food was, some people talked about how we take so much for granted in America, and some people shared how much closer our class became just today. What was cool was how just in one day, I became better friends with people I didn't know that well, and in our time of sharing I learned things I never knew about people in our class. We all are amazed at how much closer our class became today, and how much closer we are going to become before the end of the weekend.

Have a good evening!

--Andrea for the Lake Wales team

Safe Arrival!

Posted by: Dean Morea

Hi, This is Dean and Mrs. Barnhill just called me with our first blog update! The 11th Grade Arrived safely in Arizona!!!! They had no problems at all and everything went smoothly. So far they have been doing an outreach with Church On The Street and they are currently serving dinner and later on they are doing a tent revival, which is a (praise and worship service.) Some of the Juniors went on the bus and and invited people to come while some stayed and got ready. So in a short summary they have been doing some Ministry with Church on the Street and the Dream Center. Tomorrow they are going to adopt a block and help people in various neighborhoods. Check back tomorrow for another update !!!


Safe Arrival in Lake Wales

Posted by: Miss Wilson

Greetings from the freshman class! We have arrived here safely to the H.E.A.R.T. institute in Lake Wales, Florida. Despite some minor delays and a slightly late arrival, we were quickly able to get oriented and into our cabins. The staff at H.E.A.R.T. reminded us that learning to be flexible with our schedules is one of the important aspects of missionary life!

Someone will be updating the Blog this evening with a full account of our day today, as well as some pictures (hopefully). Please continue to pray for the students to have open hearts to the lessons God is teaching us here. In case I don't have another chance to personally post a note on the Blog, I want to let you know how blessed I am to be spending time with this great class, and how excited I am about the chance for us all to learn more about missions!!!

Until later,
--Miss Wilson for the Lake Wales team

News Shared by a Parent

This from Jackie Spina:

I received an email from Kaila this morning. Here is what she said:

"hey mom we are here! we arrived safely and it is beautiful! the weather is hot during the day, but with a breeze and cool and night! it is so nice! we are getting ready to go to sleep so i cant write much. but we are headed off to the volcano tomorrow...we are leaving tomorrow a.m at 730 for breakfast then headed for 2 hr drive to the next place. i am so excited! send my love to everyone! i miss you all and love you all very much!!! talk to you soon!

They are having a blast already! Thank you, Lord, for their safe arrival.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Seniors Arrive

Hello to all the families and friends who are checking up on the senior mission’s trip. The seniors have arrived safely with no difficulties with the passports what so ever. We've checked into the Country Inn and Suites and have settled down for the night. Today we went to the center of San Jose for some shopping and saw the national theater along with some of the busy city life. Strangely there are no street names, yet our bus driver managed to get us around without getting lost. The food is excellent! We've had pollo con arroz, carne fajitas, and hambuergueza. As for now we're retiring for the night and getting ready to experience the spectacle of the volcano tomorrow morning!
Thank you all for your prayers and support!
With much enthusiasm!!!
The Senior Class

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

2007 Mission Trips are Almost Here

Bookmark this page, everyone! Students will be posting updates here during their class mission trips March 22-29, 2007.

Here are the chaperones to pray for...These are off the top of my head, so anyone else please make additions/corrections in the comments.

Freshmen - Lake Wales
Mr. Harper, Mr. Hood, Mrs. Seely, Miss Wilson

Sophomores - Clewiston
Mrs. Bonorandi, Jason Ludlow, Mrs. Riter, Mr. Rhodes, Mr. Smith, Mr. Watler, Mrs. Wenzel
(on various days)

Juniors - Arizona
Mrs. Barnhill, Mr. Stapleton, Mrs. Stapleton

Seniors - Costa Rica
Miss Fisher, Mr. Spidell