Sunday, March 09, 2008

Day 3: HEART Institute

Posted by: Monica, Caitlin, David, and Grant

This cold morning we woke to Mrs. Bonorandi's wonderful Japanese singing alarm clock. Last night Stephen and Hollie had a little problem with dehydration. They're fine now, and everyone learned a lesson about the importance of drinking plenty of water. We headed off to a Haitian Church where we were greeted warmly by the members. A translater helped us understand the Creole sermon. Later we came back and had plenty of free time to rest up. Afterward the Survivors won the team challenge - a scavenger hunt! Another rest period came before pizza for dinner.(David, Christian, & Josh ate 10 pieces!) We then went to Infusion's ministry on the college campus. Everyone enjoyed a great time of worship! We're about to make s'mores over a campfire...YUMMY. We'll then have our last reflection time, and we'll see you all tomorrow night!

P.S. David can't wait for s'mores & Billy better have a quadruple dose of Juice Plus when he gets home! ;)