Sunday, March 09, 2008

Faith of a Mustard Seed

Posted by: Meg and Gab :)

Rise and Shine!!! This morning we rose for church in order to fellowship with our Dominican friends over at the Christian school and church. During the church service, we were able to sing our newly learned Spanish song that we have been wanting to share, Trading my sorrows
(Si Sen-or, si si sen-or). Michael, the missionary that has been leading this trip, delivered the sermon in both English and Spanish (and what an amazing job he did!)

After the service, our group was surely ready for some Dominican chow. We all packed in the bus and rode to Armando's; a new favorite lunch spot of ours. Students finished their lunches as some walked around town with Michael. As some of you parents and friends know, while walking around town some seniors found a special spot where it was cheap to call or email home. What a surprise! :)

Later we journeyed to the Mustard Seed Orphanage where our whole group had an amazing experience that they will never forget. We were able to meet around 20 orphans who were all mentally and physically disabled in some way. Our seniors were able to reach out to each and every one of the children in different ways. Some played with bubbles (a huge hit), others played catch/keep away with the tennis balls (let's just say our guys were battled), while some just held and spent personal time bonding (how sweet). Donny ministered to one little boy with severe disabilities, by singing to him the entire time!! :) The senior class was pushed out of their comfort zone and quickly became comfortable with the challenging experience. Saying good-bye to our new friends was hard as some children hugged the bumper of the bus, begging us not to leave. The children were so thankful for our fun visit. While hugging us they repeated; gracias, gracias, gracias!!!! It was a life changing experience for all of us.

We are all about to walk to the beach before dinner is delivered. Did we mention this beautiful beach is 2 minutes from our hotel?! Adios for tonight!!!

We are working on posting our photos, maybe tomorrow ;)

Gab and Meg say Hola to amigos y familia!!

Estefanie would like to tell her mother that her tooth broke! :(