Saturday, March 08, 2008


Posted by: Daniel Braga and Meaghan Arnesano

Hey, and my apologies for those of you who checked in with us last night! We got in very late last night, and by the time we got through unloading and devotion time none of us really felt like blogging...

Yesterday, after a quick wakeup call, we had a quick breakfast and headed for the Christian school in Puerto Plata. The bumpy ride into town was very scenic, and we caught the sunrise off to our left over the mountains. Once we arrived at the Christian school, we were met by hundreds of kids playing in the adjacent basketball court ready to have some fun. Our seniors jumped right in setting up tons of things for our new friends to do. We had games all over! Jump roping, baseball, beautiful chalk art, basketball games, and kids all over playing with some of the 400 tennis balls that were donated to us. After that we were able to present a chapel program, involving two skits, the Tennis Skit and the Movie Skit, Donny sang a few songs, and Jason presented a great message of salvation along with our wonderful tour guide Michael Giglio who translated. Later most of our girls played in a very competitive basketball game against one of the local schools teams. Let me tell you, our fans were loud and spirited and our girls pulled through to win an amazingly tough game (let's just say Brooke was up against a giant just as David had been)...It was a challenge!!

For dinner we ate at a cool little burger shack and enjoyed exploring the coast and a beautiful port the rest of the night!!




Blogger Mr. Hood said...

Hey to our Seniors! So exciting to hear of your day with the students - sharing the love of Christ through everyday life activities. It sounds like a beautiful place - experiencing God's creation in a whole new way, huh?!?! I was a little jealous to hear you arrived 10 minutes early - we had a bit of a different 9 hour grueling airport experience! Please pray as we leave this afternoon - we need to get back in the mission mindset after a day of rest and relaxation. I thought of Atmore a few times the other day as Mrs. Riter (aka: Lunchlady) and I are on this trip again - some great times with you all back then! With Christ as our Captain,
Mr. Hood

3/08/2008 9:35 AM  
Blogger Cathy Karpinen said...

Hi Seniors!

Thanks for blogging, I'm enjoying the updates. I hope the song in Spanish was a hit with the school. Enjoy that beautiful country.

Donny's Mom

3/08/2008 10:04 AM  
Blogger Mrs. Arnesano said...

hello class of 2008

glad to hear you all arrived safely and on time. hope you are having a great time blessing the Dominican people as it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Remember to enjoy each other on your last trip together, as you will soon be moving on to the next chapter of your life's story. Mrs. Arnesano

3/08/2008 6:40 PM  

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