Saturday, March 08, 2008


Posted by: Emily Woda, Megan G., Kirsti Burgess
Hey Florida, what's up??? So, we finally made it to Biloxi, Mississippi. Safe and sound!!! The food was pretty good here. Everyone is having so much fun, and we are all so happy that we finally made it. We can't wait to get started on work, and are looking forward to the new experience!!! Miss all of you back home!!
- Emily Woda 

What's up parental units and peps down in 561.!
Okay, so besides sitting in an airport for 11 hours on Thursday, then coming to the airport and being in it for about 6 hours or so today.. This has been a GREAT trip! Ha! Ha! We arrived in Camp Biloxi today at around 6:30 or so and ate dinner then devotions. Thats about all we've done today. Oh and they have this super cool hammock that we all went in. Yeah fun.
- Megan Guadagnino #24 :)

Hey Parents!!!
Well we finally made it to Mississippi! =) So while waiting in the airport, guess who we saw?!??We saw and met Don Shula only the best football coach there is! ( being that I am a Dolphins fan, whooohooo) represent the Miami Dolphins =) We were able to meet him, talk a little bit to him, and take a picture with him. He was really nice and he showed us his huge Super Bowl ring. That just made the trip even better. So, today, we're finally here safe and sound. Yay! Thanks
Talk to you tomorrow.
- Kirsti Burgess =D