Saturday, March 08, 2008

H.E.A.R.T. Institute: Day 2

Posted by: Caitlin, Grant, Monica, Josh, and David

Day 2 at the HEART Institute began with morning chores and pancakes for breakfast. After breakfast, we split into 3 groups. 1 group went to butcher a rooster. Monica chopped off a roosters head EWWWWWW!!!! But the body was still moving after the head was off... weird i know. The next group butchered a bunny. Mrs. Barnhill will be proud of our dissection skills! The other 2 groups went into the college and cleaned up the campus. One group got to watch part of a baseball game. We took trucks to get to the campus (we sat in the truck bed). On the way there and back we had a "bumpy offroad adventure" :)
Then we had rich man/poor man lunch. Out of 4 sections, 1 group was rich(normal food), 1 group had only rice, 1 group had only water, and the last group had nothing. This lesson helped open the eyes of everyone as to how much we are blessed. The rich men were nice and shared their food with everyone. More chores and lessons took place after lunch. After hot dogs for dinner, everyone participated in a team challenge. Each team had to complete an obstacle course - blindfolded! Each team guided a teammate through the obstacle vocally. After a ton of confusion, the Blackout team (w/ Caitlin) came out victorious. The lesson behind this game was that although there are many voices in this world, we must learn to listen to God's voice.
Everyone had fun in the cold showers BURRRRRRRRR!!!! And tonight it is supposed to get down to 38 degrees!!! Since we're in a "two-thirds world country" :) , pictures won't be available until after the trip. Sorry :(

P.S. Missy & Christina love Jeffy the dinosaur; Linzi says "Hi, Mom!!" (AWWW)