Saturday, March 08, 2008

Music, Fellowship, and Sleep Deprivation

Posted by: Steven Gallo (Shakespeare)

I am blessed and overjoyed to report that thus far, this mission trip has already surpassed all of our expectations, and this after only two days. Our Friday here in sunny (yet delightfully dry and cool) Phoenix was spent in fellowship with disciples in the program; each group of 2-3 students were assigned a buddy with whom we got to spend the afternoon. The stories and experiences of each person here are all unique and an incredible manifestation of God's grace, faithfulness, and power. From recovering alcoholics, to former addicts, and ex-prisoners to previously homeless people, each has a story and a heart for the Lord. As we have all witnessed, it is truly incredible to see how God can guide and heal anyone and how He can work through sin as a means of bringing his children back to Him. Jay and Matt even met up with a disciple who is a former cage fighter and spent some time training in the weight room, while the girls fraternized with other women from the church.

Following lunch with the disciples, we took yet another trip to Popago Park, and once again, our daring, adrenaline-seeking friends sought out more adventurous endeavors. After conquering an even higher mountain, while some stayed below to play frisbee, we returned for dinner here at the Dream Center.

As far as the evening is concerned, we were incredibly blessed by the presence of God in a time of worship and sharing. I am certain that all of the students will attest to the impact (and fun) we experienced tonight. Students, disciples, and all filled the chapel room downstairs for a night service, including drama skits and praise and worship by our very own class of '09. After music, acting, and the sharing of testimonies by disciples in the program, we all truly came together. We spent a good hour just singing, dancing, and making music, filled with the Holy Spirit (Mr. Spidell really enjoyed the os!)

As for now, we've met with yet another late night, and an early morning awaits us in a about 6-7 hours. We appreciate all of the posts, and look forward to what God has in store for each of us.

We want to thank you all so very much
for all your prayers, and love, and kind concern.

(Iambic pentameter.) That is all.