Friday, March 07, 2008

Posted by: Mrs. Caperna

Friday, 3/7/08

I've always known God has a sense of humor, but yesterday, he must have been really trying to get our attention! As you can see from Mr. Hood's blog - No! We didn't make it to Biloxi, but we did go on a missions trip - to the airport! After checking in and being asked to wait at Gate E4, and then, losing Hunter (who was listening to music with his earphones on, cellphone off, and drawing a bumble bee at the same time), followed by another trip over to Gate E6, only to find out that the next flight was to Philadelphia and the Air Tran pilot flying folks there was missing - we started to notice that the people sitting ALL around us were traveling to Biloxi to visit the casinos!

As time passed, the conversations around us starting becoming clearer and more noticeable. They were about gambling, they were about drinking, they were about everything other than the hurt of the people who were devastated by Katrina. And, Glory to God, our sophomores noticed! It was such a joy to see them show patience in the face of discomfort, uncertainty and changed plans. But, for me, the best things was seeing them analyze what was around them and seeing the fruit of what their parents, BRCS and, more importantly, God, has ingrained in their hearts and minds. Jessica and Andrea wondered what would happen if only a few of those people would spend a small portion of their "gambling money" on those devastated by Katrina? Megan and Kirsti did a prayer walk around a newpaper stand! And, of course, God couldn't leave me out of the picture. As Mrs. Riter and I sat chit-chatting, waiting for our turn to fly out of there, God planted two gamblers in the seats right behind us who unexpectedly started inquiring about our trip to Biloxi. Yes,you guessed it. What followed my conversation about our disaster relief missions trip was a presentation of the gospel. At that airport, in the middle of that lost crowd, I told this man about the void in our hearts that only Christ can fill. And, he listened. And, seeds were planted. And, I've been thinking maybe God didn't let him get to Biloxi last night because those seed that were planted needed some nurturing time, some time away from Biloxi! I don't know - but- God does! And I pray that man and the son-in-law that was with him come to know the love of God and the gift he has given us in Christ. Pray for them!

As for the rest of them - well, the Sophomore class is awesome! They hung out at the airport, one tried doing yoga for the gawking crowd, and some, like Benji, weren't satisfied with that. He had to roll through the airport last night!

Pray for good weather tomorrow and God’s will everyday!

With Christ in our midst,

Mrs. Caperna