Friday, March 07, 2008

Welcome to Phoenix

Posted by: Steven Gallo

The junior class groggily, but excitedly departed Ft. Lauderdale International Airport yesterday morning; destination: Phoenix. Before arriving here in the dry and chilly Arizona climate, we experienced many an adventure passing through our connecting flight in Atlanta. While waiting for our plane to arrive, we were even captured on film by a CNN camera man reporting on airline delays (keep your eyes peeled!) After exploring concourse B of the ATL airport, we boarded the plane.

Following our arrival in Phoenix, we eventually found our way to our current location, the Dream Center at Church on the Street, after navigating across town in our four-van convoy. Yesterday evening, we had the opportunity to visit Popago Park where we all hiked, and those those daring enough climbed atop stunning rock formations. I know I can speak on behalf of all of us when I say that experiencing the sun set from atop the glorious mountains is a view none of us will forget. Gazing upon the red glow from behind the Phoenix skyline, we were all reminded of God's power and majesty.

After yet another early morning, we set off to "the Zone" today, an area near the Dream Center where we served in an outreach to the local homeless people in the area. By serving them hot food and coffee and sharing praise and worship songs with them, we reached out to those in need, and it was definitely as much of a testament to all of us here as it was to those we met. A pastor from Church on the Street also met with us as we all gathered around Katy to pray for her, her family, and her mom as she is undergoing surgery. Following the outreach, Katy shared the following: "I really enjoyed how everyone came together and prayed for my mom and how I saw God open doors of opportunity. I love you Mom."

Thus far, we have been welcomed by a warm reception here, and have been blessed by many inspiring testimonies from the disciples at the Dream Center. For the remainder of the day, we will be doing some more work around the Dream Center, but for the most part our schedule is tentative and we are open and awaiting for an opportunity to serve here at Church on the Street.

P.S. - My fellow roommates Ben and Jay send their regards to all of their friends and family back home, along with everyone here. More updates to come soon.

My apologies for the length--I like to write. >.<