Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 1 all summed up

Posted by: Andrew Hanssen

Greetings from Arizona,

We are here safe and sound. No trouble flying at all! In fact, we got free check in, Praise God!
The Dream Center is great! Lots of nice people who really have hearts for the Lord. It's awesome to see how God has impacted their lives. We had soup for dinner here! That was good. And we went to Church tonight! Worship was great, led by people who live here. The pastor spoke a great sermon on Perseverance and how God calls us to persevere and glory in trials, because trials build character, a character of perseverance. He said the reason Romans were so successful was because of their perseverance. How they stood steadfast and not "like Rambo" who does it on his own, and is venturous, but being steadfast and holding the front line.
Tomorrow sounds like it will be a great day! We're all really tired and ready to sleep... zzzz But we are having fun! (I can't tell you if we all miss our parents tho.)
Thank you for your prayers! Continue praying for us and our mission. God will use us and I'm sure he will work in our lives as well! Pray for open hearts for all of us, just to receive the joy and assurance that they have in Christ and that their hearts be open and blessed by what we have to offer them and what we bring to them.
We hope all the other trips are going well. I'm praying for you all, especially a certain someone ;) .. haha!! God Bless you. Be open to God and He'll pour into your surrendered heart.

Keep us in your prayers!

P.S. there is an awesome group in the middle of the Center praying and proclaiming truth! It's so awesome! They Love God SOOOO Much! and it's crazy! Just Surrounding the place with prayer! and i think its in their spare time too! Makes me wonder where my faith can grow!

God bless,
Andrew and the Junior Class