Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 4! Church, outreach, sickness, and hiking

Posted by: Andrew Hanssen
Greetings blessed readers,

Today our day began with Sunday School, where the word was was awesome and it was soo cool to see how the people interacted and asked questions and their insight into what they have read! It's really cool to know what they read and know of the word. After that, Chase, Kirsti, Devyn, and I went and helped at childrens church while the rest of us went to real church. I shared a quick testimony of my life and how the people have challenged and encouraged me here.
Dream Center all day while we went out. But sadly, Brandon, Benji, and Nick haven't been feeling so great. Mainly Brandon who laid in theBenji threw up too... The people from walmart asked us to leave because of Benji!

Before all this at Walmart, a guy here gave us a rap/poem he had written of his life while a guy played guitar, it was soo good! Then we went to an outreach and served the hungry and a few homeless people. They were all really nice to us and really hungry too! Andrea and Nick led a worship song there and I shared my little story too. It's amazing how much the people at the park appreciate what they are given! One man kept on coming over and asking for food and went to all the workers and thanked us, multiple times. He was homeless too, but believed in God and said he'd get everything back. It was cool to see someone so low, homeless with a dog and a bike, so happy and trusting in God.
Through the work here, God reaches out and touches people in a way they dont know at first but come to learn about. Many of them were once in the shoes being reached out to but didnt want to listen and turned their ear, but now they remember what they heard and saw! It's encouraging to hear where they've come from and all they can talk about is their change and their joy in God!

After the outreach we went to walmart and got lots of garlic *Mrs. Weil* but no salt water, sorry.. because people were getting sick. (thats when we learned more about how Benji was feeling- No Details). We then went hiking in the mountains! That was loads of fun! Climbing the rocks and mountain, and seeing Nick and Jamie challenging themselves while the rest of us kinda took the easier ways. The scenery was beautiful! We could see all of Phoenix. I think some of us received some more bumps and bruises.

After the fun hike we went out to diner at an authentic Mexican restaurant. It was really good, but I think I ate too much too fast, so I felt a bit weird.. (nothing happened) I also learned how much Chase can eat... he ate his own dish plus a "give me whatever you dont finish" dish and a desert on top of that.

Tomorrow we, the guys, are getting up at four to go "work out" (YEY!) while the ladies are getting up at around 6 and going to a women's outreach.

Good Night! Thank you so MUCH for all your prayers! It's a blessing to know we got people praying for us here.
I'm still praying for all you other trips! Keep us in your prayers as we start heading for Flagstaff and some other fun stuff tomorrow!!
God Bless you!
Thank you for reading!

By the Way.. this is what Mr. Spidell Looks like when he drives.

this has been a presentation of Boca Christian Missions, grade 11.. writer of this article is Andrew Hanssen.