Friday, March 27, 2009

Very Different from Boca

Posted by: Ashlie and Casey

Hey! It's Ashlie & Casey from Lake Wales, FL. At the moment, we are listening to goats "bahh." HEART is a very different environment from Boca Raton. It is definitely a humbling experience so far, and it's helping us to appreciate what we have. Hillary is definitely enjoying the whole camping experience ;)

Today, we went on a tour of the whole Institute. Some did a team building ropes course which taught us to communicate and work together. We thought we ate rabbit today, but it was really pork. The people here are very nice, and it's evident they love the Lord =) .

So far we are having a great time, but miss all of you! We'll keep you posted! By the way, our toilet is basically a hole in the ground.

K, bye.

P.S. from Mrs. Poole: Our evening culminated in an intense game of tug-of-war. For the championship game the two teams were separated by a muddy pond. This certainly added a level of intensity to the sport, but no one got completely drenched. Thank you for your prayers. Pray that the Lord softens our hearts and that each student meets God this weekend.