Thursday, March 26, 2009

Touchdown in Tennessee

Posted by: Shannon Lee, Megan Jones, and Mr. Hood

Good evening all! Sophomores arrived in Tennessee this morning at 10:45 AM. We woke up very early. However, there were a few mishaps at the airport. Garth Sangree lost his boarding pass in the lobby of the airport and we had to receive a call over the intercom so he could get it back. Another thing was that Mr. Hood had a special security check because his license expired on his birthday two weeks ago. We had a few problems with the new rules concerning liquids on carry-ons. Collin Shaneyfelt had a can of shaving cream in his carry-on and had to have it confiscated - which meant having it thrown right into the trash. Even though we had so many little problems, we are new fans of Allegient Airlines! The flight attendants and pilot were all extremely polite and thankful for our business. The pilot even remarked "Welcome to Hawaii" upon touchdown in Tennessee.

Our new friends from Long View Ranch were waiting for us at the airport with their large yellow school bus. They were very patient and drove us around for the day. We all went to lunch and had a few options such as Subway, Wendy's, Taco Bell, and the terrible, evil McDonald's. After lunch there was a fairly long drive to Wartburg, where we had the opportunity to help out at Storehouse Ministries, where their motto is "Meeting the needs in the name of Jesus". The folks there were very thankful to have our help - they told us that we could help do more for them than they could do in months of work. And we did! Sophomores did chores such as cleaning out the dirty fridge, reorganizing their furniture in the office, organizing the shoe room, folding baby clothes, getting food ready for donation, and making bags of toiletries for the needy. They loved our socks! Three of our sophomore boys divided the socks into categories of gender and age. Thanks to all of the families at BRCS who donated!

We took a group photo and departed for Long View Ranch. We were about twenty minutes into the drive when Mr. Hood got a phone call from the woman at Storehouse Ministries. Mr. Hood had used her car to go get supplies and had never returned her keys! We pulled into a parking lot and had to wait for about twenty-five minutes. Our creative class used the time to play a variety of games in the parking lot. Finally, she arrived and retrieved her keys, and we were on our way. Many of our sophomores - and teachers, as well - napped on the nearly two-hour drive to the ranch. We arrived at around 5:30 and got settled into our cabins. Then the sophomores had a little bit of time to explore the beautiful ranch! We had dinner at 6:30. It was a delicious baked ziti dish with caesar salad on the side and banana bread pudding for dessert. There was a little bit of free time before devotions, which started at 8 o' clock. Devotions consisted of praise and worship with guitars and a drum and a great lesson by Mrs. Wenzel. We were encouraged to consider the theme 'receive the love' - in order to give God's love on this trip, we first must have received it ourselves. We all took time to think about what Christ has already done for us on this trip and shared in small groups. As we are typing this, students are hanging out until about 10:30, and then going to hit the hay! Tomorrow will be another exciting day!