Wednesday, March 24, 2010

At the airport

Posted by: Mrs. Barnhill

After an unsuccessful attempt to post in the car, I'm posting to let everyone know that our first group got off just fine, and our second group is getting ready to board.

We had a wonderful day at the Grand Canyon yesterday. After hearing that the weather would be very cold and probably rainy or snowy, it was actually perfect! Sunny and beautiful - great for picture-taking! Everyone enjoyed the beauty, and Stephen even overcame his fear of heights to be in a few pictures! If time permits, I will post a picture before I sign off. We enjoyed several views of the Canyon, then headed home by way of the Cameron Trading Post (overpriced souvenirs - but the sheer size of the store is worth the stop!). Had a delicious dinner at Coco's across the street from the hotel, and then had a wonderful wrap-up session sharing our experiences and reading our "love bombs." It has been an awesome trip and we can't wait to share our stories in chapel Friday!