Monday, April 11, 2011

Arizona Day 4

Posted by: Norah
Last night and a good part of the early morning we spent ministering to girls caught in sex trafficking. These girls have been told lies. Such as they are beautiful and everyone needs to experience their beauty, or they were promised jobs. Nevertheless, they were caught up in sex-trafficking and most of the girls went out to help them. All those who went out and helped the working girls, were very nervous on their fist time out. But everyone agreed that seeing those girls’ faces brighten up amidst all their darkness because of a simple rose, made all the disquiet worthwhile. The boys and some girls stood out side picketing. They stood outside in the cold and stood up for what they believed in, literally.
Today we arose to a frigid morning and a good sermon. We attended a morning service at the Dream Center for Church on the Street. Pastor Walt spoke on how without faith it is impossible to please God. We cannot truly count on God until we have complete faith in God. When that happens we will draw close to God and him to us.
After the morning service, we had lunch at the Dream Center with all those who attended the church service.
We then went to Chicken Park and did a family outreach. We painted children’s faces and did crafts with them. Our worship team also led those present in a few songs. We met a drunk who decided that today was the day he wanted to take a step towards Christ. He is now going through the processes necessary to be admitted into the Dream Center.
Afterwards, we went hiking at South Mountain Park. Unfortunately, it was silent Sunday and we could not drive to the top of the mountain. But that did not stop us Blazers. We climbed up another trail and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
We then went and had dinner at Popo’s, an authentic Mexican eatery. We all enjoyed the company of those at our table and the food.
Lastly, we had devotions and went over all the various activities we have done so far. The overwhelming consensus is that these past few days have been very helpful. These days have opened our eyes to see how good we have it and how we sometimes take it for granted.
After devotions we shared many great laughs. Casey and Mrs. Barnhill sung a spellbinding round of “There’s a Hole in the Bucket” and “What a Friend in Jesus”. The other girls and boys also had fun. Over all, we had a great time in Phoenix.


Anonymous Mrs. Reed said...

I can only imagine how moving it must have been for you to hear Casey and Mrs. Barnhill's rendition of "There's a Hole in the Bucket". Probably made the whole trip worthwhile!

Seriously, you got a taste of walking in Jesus sandals, showing love to those whom society has dismissed. I know He was pleased. People are changed when they encounter the radical love of Christ!

4/11/2011 6:58 AM  
Blogger Eileen Kunmann said...

I second Mrs.Reed's comment!! I just love it that Mrs. B is a fabulous teacher AND a fun Mom:)
You kids are having the experience of a lifetime; what a blessing for those whose lives you have touched, and your lives in return. Showing you the truth that "It is in giving, we receive". God bless you on the rest of your trip! Miss you tons Casey!!
Mrs. Kunmann

4/11/2011 9:58 AM  
Anonymous Mrs. Hood said...

Thank you so much for sharing Juniors! We will continue to pray for you and praise God for what He is already doing in your lives and others there in Phoenix! :) It is a humbling experience realizing how much we have been given and how much we take for granted. All in all what's most important? Love. Loving God and loving His people.

4/11/2011 2:35 PM  
Blogger Linda Howard said...

This entire class is such a blessing to the people they are encountering at the Dream Center. Sometimes you have to really be in the thick of things to realize that no matter where you have come from, no matter what horrible things you may have done, that nothing you have done is too big for Jesus to forgive. No wonder we sing "Amazing Grace"!

Blessings on the road trip,
Love in Christ,
Mrs. Howard

4/11/2011 9:33 PM  

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