Friday, April 08, 2011

Day 1 at HEART

Posted by: David Honeycutt

Today we arrived at the Heart institute tired and hot! We quickly unpacked our luggage into our cabins (which are named after "peace" in other languages) and then returned to the mess hall to go on a quick tour of the grounds. The cabins are two story structures with beds, bunk beds, and bed frames. Windows are our only source of air conditioning and there are NO lights. We were introduced to the toiletries and showers on the tour. After, teams were formed, team leaders were assigned, and the team's jobs were announced. I was on Mrs. Poole's team, AKA: Team CHESTNUT! My team's first job was to clean the little school classroom they had there. The school had a piano!!!! I played on it while cleaning. :-) After that was a little free time. Others played basketball, catch, and just sat around socializing. After the free time, my group, the Chestnuts, went to go rake dead grass into a truck, which took it to a composting post. We sang while we worked (well, mainly Mrs. Poole and Kaitlin and I). The sun was fierce, making our work even more gruesome (vocab word!). All of our group's chores were mainly outside; in the sun; hot. The Heart Institute also had a huge farm with goats, chickens, goats, microbes in the compost, and goats! After our group finished raking hay, we went into town to help a dude clean his yard. Renée drove us there, and Mrs. Pancake (isn't that the coolest name?) drove us back. We were taught how to slaughter a chicken (we didn't get to...sadly...), and we were also taught a lot about composting.

A note from Mrs. Poole: Thank you for all of your prayers! Today was filled with plenty of hard work, but during devotions some of the students shared how wonderful it was to be around each other without the normal complaining and grumbling that ironically goes on when they are in more comfortable circumstances at school. I was really impressed with the hard work and perseverance demonstrated by so many of your students! About 20 minutes into our raking project today, one of the students said, "You know, this is really relaxing!" And everyone agreed! Another student mentioned how freeing it was not to have to worry about looking all put-together and nice, since we were just there to serve, not to impress anyone. It's been encouraging to see these kids grow as they are stretched in their service for Christ!


Anonymous Ruthie Weil said...

It's a great place, isn't it? I'm proud of your hard work and great attitudes! May God draw you closer to Himself and each other in the next few days...

Mrs. Weil

4/09/2011 12:21 AM  
Anonymous Mrs. Reed said...

I hope it cooled off enough last night for you guys to get some sleep. Sounds like you're gonna need the rest!

4/09/2011 7:42 AM  
Anonymous Mrs. Hummel said...

Amen, Amen, Amen!!!! There is nothing better than to serve the Lord. As He draws you closer to Him, keep running in His direction!!! Enjoy every moment!!!

Praying for all of you!!!

4/09/2011 8:19 AM  
Anonymous Mrs. and Mr. Hummel said...


We miss you so much!!! The house is quiet without you!

We love you and we are so blessed to have you as our child.

Love you,
Mommy and Daddy

4/09/2011 8:42 AM  
Anonymous Karen Baxter said...

Today you guys will need lots of water, sunscreen and an open and willing heart to do God's work. We are all praying for you. We miss you and we love you. Love the picture Joe.

4/09/2011 9:09 AM  
Anonymous Mrs. Hood said...

What a great update Freshman! Thank you! :) We are praying for you and are thrilled to hear how you are working so well together and serving Him. It's so great to get out of our usual environment and get a new "view". May your "view" be greatly expanded and may your hearts grow for those in need. God is so good - all the time! Love you all!

4/09/2011 11:00 AM  
Anonymous Ellen and Lou Hadden said...

Thank you Mama Lake and Mrs. Poole for taking care of the girls, especially ours! We are so proud of everyone and the hard work that you all are doing for God! We know God will work in your hearts and lives in so many wonderful ways during this time or work and worship! We can't wait to hear about it all in chapel! God Bless You All!
Much Love,
Ellen and Lou Hadden

4/09/2011 4:21 PM  
Anonymous Ellen Hadden said...

Hope you all read the comments from yesterday as well as these today. I posted one today on yesterdays blog....ooops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Technology and I do not get along... just ask Elise!

Love To All,
Ellen Hadden

4/09/2011 4:33 PM  

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