Friday, April 08, 2011

Day 2 @ Pura Vida missions

Posted by: Hollie Hageman

Woke up to a foggy, and misty morning in San Ramon, Costa Rica. What felt like 8'o clock (time difference of 2 hrs) turned out to be 6 am, and we were all up and ready for the day!! After eating our breakfast we were able to have TAG (time alone with God) time. We read 1 Corinthians 13 and learned what to love out loud really means. Around 9:30 we split up to our different sites and began our daily activities. Moments were spent with the children by singing songs, sharing testimonies, playing games, and learning the theme verse for the week, John 3:16. As the afternoon progressed, the weather got darker (as you can see in the photo). God allowed one group to completely finish their VBS activites, but my group caught stuck in a huge rainstorm, leading us to a time of bonding in a neighbors garage. The time with the kids really inspired the class to really "Love out loud." Now were getting ready for supper, and afterwards going to an indoor soccer field to watch some club players and then play a friendly game against each other.
A special note from Dr. Tennies,
"We praise God for an incredible trip to Costa Rica. The mountain views are inspiring. The Pura Vida staff have a wonderful servant spirit and have things well organized. We have two groups out doing a morning an afternoon VBS in local neighbor hoods. They call the program, "Campamentos de ninos." Our students have really risen to the occasion with student lead skits, singing, crafts, testimonies, scripture memory, and closing talks. We saw some children today respond to the salvation message, Praise the Lord! During down time, the students are having a glorious time playing a variety of group games. Happy times! Keep praying for God to work mightily in our hearts and to those whom we seek to minister to."

For more pictures , the director of Pura Vida Missions has posted a Boca Christian album to share with Facebook fans.
P.S. Izabela's bag arrived last night from Nicaragua! LOL