Saturday, April 09, 2011

Day 2

Posted by: Nicole Ciavola

Hi, everyone! Today at the HEART Institute the freshmen did many different, exciting activities! We did various activities such as ropes courses, gardening, feeding the animals, and working on a fence out in the pasture. Today was great, but the most amazing part was our dinner. We all gathered outside like we normally do before eating, and were greeted with a surprise. Envelopes containing pieces of paper were randomly parceled out to both students and counselors. The papers had different things written on them. A student either received millionaire, middle class rich, or no piece of paper at all. Then, those with "millionaire" written on their papers sat down to a meal of chicken, those with "middle class rich" written on their papers ate rice and beans, and those with no paper received no food at all. After those who got food had eaten and we had prayed, the groups were asked to share what they were thinking. We learned in such a powerful way that there are people all over the world that are in great need, and as Christians, Jesus wants us to help them. We also learned to be much more grateful for what we have. All in all, this missions trip has been great and the Lord has been moving among us! Thank you all for your prayers, and please also pray for God to encourage us and give us His strength to continue serving with His joy. Please also pray for the Lord to continue moving in us, to teach us what He wills, and impact us greatly this weekend!

A note from Mrs. Poole: The pictures uploaded from today are of my group on the rope course, Kaitlyn with her empty Poor Man envelope, and Mr. Calder's group after accomplishing the amazing feat of digging dozens of 8-foot deep holes and inserting posts for almost an entire fence. My favorite moment of this trip thus far was emerging from my blogging responsibilities last night to find almost every single member of the class huddled around a few lanterns and Troy's guitar, singing praise songs together at the top of their lungs during the evening free time when these freshmen could have chosen to be goofing off, playing games, sleeping, or showering. There are so many individuals in this class I've been blessed by! Thank you for lending them to us for four days!