Saturday, April 09, 2011


Posted by: Hollie Hageman and Mrs. Rhodes

We will begin where i left off last night, the soccer game was a great opportunity! Billy got to play with the club team! Eighteen of us, joined our own game afterwards with a fun time had by all. By the time we got back to Pura Vida we were all really exhausted so that ended day 2. This morning in TAG time we learned that to "love out loud = doing." We were challenged by 1 John 3:18, "Let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth."
After devotions, we departed again to our different sites, both sites doubling the amount of children that showed up with approx. 50 kids per site. (God is amazing!) Brittany Wright and Izabela Bautista shared their testimonies to the kids today, both touching the children's and even some of the mother's hearts. We left our second site a little early in order to attend a youth service in town. This really challenged all of us in the sense that we didn't know what was being said, but knowing that it doesn't matter what language you are speaking its all about the heart of worship. We have just finished our time of, "BIG UPS" which is a time of encouraging each other, and "GLORIA DIOS," which is a time of giving God all the glory for what He did in and through our day. Its been amazing to see how my fellow classmates have been able to hear more clearly, the voice of God, when being away from our normal lifestyles. (Come to the chapel to hear more juicy details! :p) Now, we are settling down for the night praying for God to continue to move throughout our time here in Costa Rica.

P.S. Due to our hectic schedule and limited internet access, pictures have to be loaded (which takes time). Hopefully we will be able to share soon, but we definitely have hundreds of photos (again, please come to the chapel to see our amazing pictures!!!) :D


Blogger Unknown said...

Praise God the ministry you all are sharing in Costa Rica. Can wait to hear more - Have fun and God bless you all.

Paula & Scott Pukys

4/10/2011 12:59 AM  
Anonymous Mr. Hood said...

Sounds like an amazing day! I'm thankful to hear about Billy playing soccer - does that mean his breathing has been good? I've been praying for all of you, but especially for my energetic son - hopeful that he'd get enough rest! Oh, we just talked about and studied I John 3:18 yesterday and today - Praise God that He is speaking clearly to all of us to live out our faith clearly!! Sounds like a message from chapel earlier in the year?!?! :-)

4/10/2011 9:37 AM  
Anonymous miga and kari said...

hey seniors!! it's billy's aunt Kari here. so excited for all of you, and so happy that things are going well. billy, miga and i are thinkin' bout you every day and can't wait to hear all about the whole trip when you get back. it would be great if you could visit the house where poppie grew up and stick around for his concert next month!! i think that we'll have to plan another family visit to costa rica again someday! whoohoo! we hope you drink in every blessed moment of this trip and get back home safely. huge hugs, we love you!!! miga and kari xoxo

4/10/2011 12:51 PM  
Anonymous Mrs. Weil said... the pictures! Glad to see David in one, so now I know he's there! =)(hope he's feeling better) I love all those happy, smiling faces: our big kids and the sweet Costa Rican kids! May God continue to bless your time there and may you each be a blessing!

4/10/2011 4:44 PM  
Anonymous Mrs. Hood said...

WOW, sounds like you all are having an incredible time! Thanks for the pictures and the details - can't wait for chapel to hear and see everything. We love you Seniors!! Caeden and Ella say "HI!" and Huge hugs to Billy from Mom!! Praying for you all. :)

4/10/2011 6:44 PM  
Anonymous Mrs. Stapleton said...

I am so blessed by these pictures of you serving God's children, something He has also called me to do everyday at BRCS! I pray for you every morning as God has awakened me before my alarm each day. I am eager to hear your hearts speak on Friday! Love you all!

4/10/2011 8:55 PM  
Blogger Carolyn Gannett said...

Hi Seniors!
You are in my prayers this evening as you do your work for the Lord. My prayer is that your hearts will be forever changed for God's work- wherever it leads. Safe travels and great senior moments together.
Mrs. Gannett

4/10/2011 11:12 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Glad to see things are going so well and great to see some photos! You guys are in our prayers and we are thankful for all of you. Hey Kimberly - Bear and Amanda say HI!

Mike & Lisa Higgins

4/10/2011 11:17 PM  
Anonymous Josephine Blum said...

Hi to all you young missionaries.It seems like only yesterday that I was teaching so many of you in AWANA..soon you`ll be off to college! I`m so proud of you all!Chris I miss hearing your music in the house.Uncle George is teaching guitar at the Conservatory in Michigan.I`m praying that the LORD will keep you all in the palm of His hand.Have fun!..I enjoy the pictures! Chris,where are you when the camera is clicking?..
Grandma,Josephine blum

4/10/2011 11:32 PM  

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