Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 3

Posted by: Sarah Reed

The freshman class woke up to another day, excited to go to the Hatian church. Morning chores included feeding animals, making breakfast, and weeding. After working, breakfast included cereal, bananas, and freshly picked mulberries.

After eating a wonderful breakfast, we all got ready and boarded the bus for the Haitian church. The bus ride was very musical, and it put us in a great mood as we entered the church. Though most of the service was in Creole, and most of us couldn't understand what was going on, it was a wonderful and uplifting time to see how other cultures worship God.

Did I mention how great Haitian food is? The pastor's daughter at the church organized a lunch for us, and the sight of great food and soda (and ice!!) made many of the freshmen think we were in heaven! We had a great time of fellowship with the people at the church, and then headed back to camp.

We are now enjoying a much appreciated break, and it's bringing a wonderful break from the sunshine. Tonight, we will be playing games and eating burgers and hot dogs roasted over a campfire.

We can't wait to see our families and our homes. We're having fun, but we miss everyone in Boca!

From Mrs. Poole - Thank you for posting comments!!! The kids LOVE hearing the notes you post them when I read them out loud! Thank you even more for your prayers - we can feel them!