Sunday, April 10, 2011


Posted by: Hollie Hageman

Hola! This morning we woke up to a beautiful morning and had church right at Pura Vida! The class was able to meet new people and actually hear a church service in english! Pastor James taught in Acts 27 the story of Paul and the shipwreck. He helped us understand that God is there to help you in times of life's storms and always be of good cheer! As the day progressed we split up after lunch to our afternoon sites where Gabby Alfieri and Hollie Hageman (me) shared their testimonies. Afterwards, the class went to the centro (sort of like a busy street with lots of shops). There some of us were able to buy various snacks, and a big favorite, coffeeeeee! (Costa Rica has amazing coffee). When we arrived back at Pura Vida, dinner was served, and we gathered for our nightly worship and message from the (amazing) Albert!!! He taught on the story of Hosea 1 & 3 and how God called him to love a prostitute whom was so unfaithful but he showed her Gods redeeming love. (LOVE OUT LOUD)
Tomorrows is our last day of our ministry, and Dr. Tennies will be departing tomorrow. All is going well for the glory of God here, continue to keep our senior class in your prayers!

Pictures are a little hard to post btw (by the way)

P.S. Gabby says hi to casey!

P.P.S. we all miss you guys! (alot)