Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Day of Rest

Posted by: Erika and Laura

Today started off with the great habit we are developing of 20 mins of devotions. Our continued study of I John brought us to chapter 3 today. We are discovering awesome truths of our relationship with God. Everyone was grateful for the well-needed extra sleep we got because of our later start for church. At ten o' clock we headed out for Disciple's Point church. The service began with an open-mic time, where anyone could share praises, prayer requests, etc.. Benji, Cole, and Erika quoted a few passages of Scripture that we are memorizing from I John. The sermon was given by a guest speaker, and his topic was Psalm 131. After the church service, we feasted on a smorgasbord meal hosted by the members of Disciple's Point. It was a wonderful experience to be in the company of other believers who were so welcoming and inviting to us.
After lunch, we returned to Long View Ranch, where we had some time to relax before paintball and horseback riding. Each of the girls rode horses except for Bergen and Katie, who rocked the paintball course! The guys all took part in paintball - which provided some heated battles between Mr. Hood's team (Katie, Cole, Kevin, Mr. Smith, Benji) and Caleb's team (Bergen, RJ, Sam, Heber, Dylan) - with Caleb's ultimately winning 3-2.
Another delicious meal followed horseback riding and paintball. Tonight we had taco salad for dinner, a Long View Ranch classic. For nightly devotions, we watched a video about the parable of the prodigal son. We learned that the story is not just about the prodigal son, but about the older son as well.
Unfortunately, Mrs. Riter was not able to join us for church or afternoon activities, as she has not been feeling well and decided to rest up. Please keep her in your prayers!
Sophomores signing off! (sorry, no pictures today!)