Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Last days

Posted by: Norah Note from Mrs. Barnhill: for some reason we were unable to post this last night, but here it is:
Hi, it’s been a busy couple of days without a chance to blog, so I’ll try to catch you up on what’s been going on. Monday the boys and a few girls got up at 5:30 and rode the bus to My Father’s House in Phoenix to help the disciples feed the homeless. The boys heard some testimonies and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The girls had a little more time to sleep in (7:00). They helped the women disciples make bracelets. These bracelets will serve as visual aids for the disciples to lead others to Christ that they may see the colors and remember what they each represent. There were also a few homeless women at this event.
After a busy morning we packed up said sad good byes to our Dream Center friends and went to Sedona. We arrived in Sedona and had a delicious lunch. After a hearty meal most of the junior class was ready to take on Cathedral Rock. It took a lot of team work but they made it work. Those who did not go hiking went shopping in the various shops.
Although hiking took most of our energy, we had one last important thing, a snowball fight. It started out as Floridians losing their minds in a white abyss, but shifted to something much dramatic. It became an all out girls versus boys match. Looking at just numbers one would assume that the girls, 12, would easily beat the boys, 6. But reality has a way of doing its own thing. The boys forced the girls into a pitiful retreat. The girls hid anywhere they could behind trees, cars and yes, teachers.
The boys shared a victory dinner together; the girls, however, left the loss behind and were enjoying other things. After diner the boys and girls separated for devotions. These devotions were the highlight of every girl’s trip. We shared our stories, our pains and our tears. Even if every girl had a slightly different struggle in their life we knew that the love of God and the sisterly love we had for each other would pull us through, as 1 Peter 4:8 states : Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.
Today we enjoyed the scenic views of the Grand Canyon on the South Rim. If ever there was a time when God shined through His creation it would have been then. We saw beautiful rock formations, no two quite the same. This and many other natural beauties make it plain to see a designer as the feasible means of this earth and its existence.
We are now coming to a close and will arrive home, God willing, at around 11 pm. Your prayers thus far have been greatly appreciated and we ask that they keep coming in we make our way home. This trip has impacted all of us in ways we never thought possible. We hope to take all we have learned and put into practice, using it to help further our relationship with Christ.