Thursday, April 14, 2011

On the Road Again!

Posted by: Erika This post comes to you from Interstate 95 in northern Florida. We just crossed the Georgia-Florida border! We are currently driving on the road and posting at the same time, courtesy of Mr. Smith's handy dandy internet-supplying cell phone. Many thanks, Mr. Smith! Sorry for not posting last night, we were all very tired and just about to collapse when we reached our hotel in Savannah, Georgia. It seems like all of the work of the past week hit us all at once! Yesterday morning we departed from Long View Ranch at 8:30. None of us wanted to leave, but we are all looking forward to being home with our families tonight. We stopped at Savannah, Georgia, where we enjoyed a scavenger hunt around the beautiful, historic city. The hunt concluded the rivalry that has been brewing between the guys and the girls since manhunt Friday night, with the girls winning! After the scavenger hunt, we split up into groups of five or more and went to various restaurants for dinner, Panera Bread and a local pizza company being the favorites. We then traveled to our hotel, which was about a half an hour drive from Savannah. Once we reached the hotel, we separated into our rooms and settled down for the night, the last one we would spend away from home. This morning, we woke up, packed, ate breakfast, and got on the bus, departing at about 8. We are aiming to be back in Boca around 4 pm, give or take. See you soon! Sophomores signing off!